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Celebrate Day 76: “St Patrick’s Day!”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Since today is an actual holiday most people are aware of, which is obviously not the case with most of my daily “celebrations,” I wanted to go all out.  But alas…a last minute cub scout event threw a wrench in my plan to paint my boys last night! So, I had about 1 minute per kid this morning to paint them before school! Both just wanted their arms, so that’s what we did!

The rainbow was created in a split second using my TAG 3/4″ flat brush and Cameleon’s Rainbow Wow.  The shamrocks were also created in just seconds using some Global Fresh Green (so we don’t have to see them stained on their arms tomorrow), stamped on quick with my small wooden daubers.  The teeny ones were done with the new “Deb’s Dotters!” I then finished it off using a #1 round Loew-Cornell brush with a little black & white, and then a few dots of gold Liquid Bling! BAM!

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Thanks for stopping by and happy painting!! 🙂

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