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Celebrate Day 144: “Tiara Day!”

Happy Tiara Day! This is another one of those days that must have been made for face painters!

Princess crowns are hugely popular designs.  Today I thought I’d dig out my tiara themed BAM-PAX stencils (called “Royal”) that I have never, ever used!!

When I use stencils like this with larger illustrations I always go in and fill in the “gaps” that have to be there for a stencil to function. This helps make it look less like a stencil image and more realistic, since pieces of a tiara wouldn’t be floating in mid air.  This was super quick…I laid down some gray with the stencil using my fingertip dauber.  These are awesome for stencils…there is very little foam on them so it helps avoid the problem of too much water and a drippy design.

I then added white gems using my wood daubers, Deb’s Dotter, and some white Detailz.

I then finished it off with a little shading, Pixie Paints and white sparkle Liquid Bling!

Got a princess party coming up?  Boy oh boy are we prepared for YOU!!

Click here for an explanation of what these “Celebrate Day” posts are all about!

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