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NEW Fairy & Ballerina Bling Stencils Now Shipping!

Less gigs and more time in my studio means I’ve had a chance to work on NEW designs for the Glitter Glamper, and creating some custom stencils to go along with my new fairy wing and tutu bling. After sharing my new designs, I have had requests for my custom stencils, and this week was able to get them to a point where I can now offer them to YOU as well, in the shop! I’m super excited to announce that we now have our brand new ballerina and fairy bling stencils ready to ship!

Essentially these stencils are designed with spaces intentionally left blank, allowing you to insert your own painted tutus (one strokes make them fast and gorgeous!), or stick on your own tutu bling clusters! They are designed to be complemented with one stroke swooshes, swirls, teardrops, and of course festival glitter!! This is something I’ve been personally creating for the 2020 Glitter Glamper booth at the MN State Fair but I wanted to share the idea with my fellow artists who create bling! They are super cute, made with pieces of lace and trim. I may sell these down the road, but for now they are only available at the Glitter Glamper booth.

Testing out different types and lengths of trim and lace to make tutu bling for the Glitter Glamper booth at the MN State Fair
My hand made fairy wing bling, which will be available at the Glitter Glamper booth at the MN State fair this summer!

Now you could theoretically use both a set of wings and a 3D tutu bling on one of these fairy designs! I’m going to offer either a fairy with 3D wings and a painted tutu, or a Ballerina with a 3D tutu, to separate my offerings and have one 3D piece per design. Here’s how I do the painted tutus…..

Painting the fairy body with a Paintertainment Short Kabuki Stencil Brush
Add a tutu with a one stroke cake and a 1/2″ flat brush!

These short kabuki brushes are AWESOME for stencils! Once I tried them the first time, that’s all I use now.

Here are the stencils I have available now in the shop!!

Tutu Fairy Pair Stencil

This stencil gives you a lot of bang for your buck, with two fairies on one stencil. Spaces were intentionally left blank, allowing you to paint in a tutu with one strokes, or stick on a 3D tutu cluster!

Tutu Fairy Pair
Paint on a tutu with one strokes! Here I’ve attached my hand made fairy wing bling.

Ballerina 1 Stencil

This stencil is sized just right for the side of the face, and can be reversed as needed to flow around the eye!

Ballerina 1 stencil

Ballerina 2 Stencil

This stencil is also sized just right for the side of the face, and can be reversed as needed to flow around either eye!

Ballerina 2 Stencil

Ballerina Torso Pair Stencil

This stencil includes TWO torsos on one stencil! They are sized a little larger than the full body ballerinas, and are perfect to go on the forehead or cheek! Add your tutu either with a one stroke or a 3D tutu cluster!

Ballerina Torso Pair
These look just as good with painted tutus! Be sure to add lots of GLITTER!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions here, and if you order these, we’d LOVE to see what you do with them! Follow us on Facebook, post your designs and tag us @paintertainmentdotcom!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and happy painting!

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New Package Deal: The Charity Fundraising Kit!

I am pleased to announce yet another new product introduction to the Paintertainment online shop…the Charity Fundraiser Kit!  This kit was designed to help people raise money for various charitable causes, enabling someone with no experience face painting to achieve professional results without the high price tag of hiring an actual professional.  Click here for a video demonstration!

For just $23.99 (over a $2.00 savings versus buying each item individually) 
the kit includes:
• One #2 round brush for outlining
• One round makeup sponge, which can be cut in half to make two sponges
• 2.5 ounces of Kryolan Aquacolor makeup in the color of your choosing
• .5 ounces of Kryolan Aquacolor black makeup for outlines
• One ribbon design stencil from Snazaroo

Not sure what colors represent what causes?  I’m in the process of putting together my own color chart, but in the meantime, I really like this one put together by Fire Mountain Gems, a place I like to buy beads for jewelry making!

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New Paradise & Mehron Products Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce another round of great new products just added to!

Glitter Spray 
– Glitter spray is a water based gel with glitter suspended throughout. It may be sprayed on the skin, hair or clothing. Use alone or to add sparkling accents!

Pro Pencils
– These silky smooth, ultra creamy pencils glide on with ease and come with a sturdy composite casing to protect the tip. Use them to draw designs or outline shapes to indicate placement of makeup…a must have for clowns and baby bump artists! Hint: for better point, put pencil in the freezer for a few minutes before sharpening!

Rainbow Cakes
This 6-color rainbow cake is made up of Mehron’s world famous Paradise Makeup AQ paint. The large surface of the rectangular cake has equal amounts of each color. They can be applied with a dampened sponge or brush, and remove easily with soap and water. The container measures about 3 1/8″ x 2 1/4″

This liquid color concentrate is specifically designed for detail work. Each bottle comes with its own special applicator that provides the artist with the ability to add those fine details to intricate designs, outlines, fine lines, round accent spots and dots of various sizes.

I can’t WAIT to try out all of these cool products, and as soon as I do I’ll be sure to post pictures!

Happy painting! 

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Liquid Bling Now Available on Paintertainment!

I’m thrilled to announce the arrival of another one of many new products coming to Amerikan Body Art’s Liquid Bling!


Liquid Bling has become the clear favorite 3-dimensional glitter product of professional face and body artists.  Made of a combination of pure aloe and cosmetic grade glitter, Liquid Bling dries with a 3-dimensional effect and is fantastic for adding the look of gems or outlines that really pop!

We now carry the 5 most popular colors of Liquid Bling, in both .5 oz bottles and 2 oz refill bottles.  The .5 oz bottles are $5.99, and the large 2 oz refill bottles are $9.99.

The .5 oz applicator bottles come in a little plastic bag with a metal tip.  The tip is to be placed on the bottle only during use, and it is recommended that you remove it and wash it between usage, replacing the plastic cap back on the bottle.

I have heard from other artists who use this product that it is helpful to keep a pin in the tip (with a large head so it doesn’t fall in of course) between customers.  This helps prevent the tip from clogging with glitter.  The tip can be soaked in warm water to clean at the end of your day.

I am super excited to start using this liquid bling, especially in my upcoming Christmas events!  Are you a fan of Liquid Bling? If so, I’d love to see and share photos of your work! I hope to post photos of this in use as soon as I have some.  Until then, happy bling-ing!

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Introducing: “Funny Fingers Hand Art!”

I am SUPER excited to announce my latest book, hot off the press!  “Funny Fingers Hand Art” It’s been 3 years since I’ve published a book…about how long it’s been since my first baby boy started getting mobilized!  I think you can guess what’s been keeping me busy since!

I got the idea for this book and 3 weeks later it was going to print.  I love what my drive to complete a project can do when combined with the amazing ability the internet gives me to publish my own books!  (Well, it would have been done in 2 weeks, but I had to paint at the fair right in the middle of it!)

Unlike my previous two books, “Face Painting: A Step-by-Step Guide” and “32 Classic Carnival Designs,” this book is not designed for the total beginner.  This new book assumes that you have the ability to paint and have some artistic skill as a face painter.  It definitely stretches the imagination!  If you’re a professional face painter, are finding yourself “stuck” in the same old cheek art designs, and are looking for some fresh, fun, new ideas to get your creative juices flowing, this is the book for you! 

The book measures about 6″ wide (including the spiral binding) by 8.5″ tall, making it the perfect size: large enough to see each step, but small enough to tuck into your kit of paints and take with you.  It costs a little more to bind a book with the spiral binding, which is why you won’t find that on the other popular selling books currently out there that focus on princess faces, cat faces, etc.  However, being a professional face painter myself and a professional product designer, I know that when you’re painting, your hands are both full and you don’t want to mess with trying to hold a page open.  The spiral binding allows the book to lay flat on the table for reference, or fold completely back if you just want to reference one page.

So what’s the big deal about painting on hands vs the face?  Kids just LOVE them.  A little creative placement on the hand, combined with a child’s imagination, can bring your designs to life! Kids can open and close their fingers to make an animal’s mouth open and close, to make legs walk, or to wiggle the fire coming out of the space ship.  Parents love to see their child’s own hand transform into a puppet…a fun toy that they can enjoy all day and won’t find broken under their bed two days later!

The beginning of the book opens with a couple pages of tools and tips.  Tips include hand-painting-specific things like how to get a smooth, solid line across a knuckle.  The “Design index” spread functions as a visual table of contents for the designs.  This makes it quick and easy for you to find the page you want, and also can double as a design menu board if you use it at your events for the kids to choose from!

There are 18 designs, each one illustrated with full color photography in six steps, along with a large, full-page photo of the finished design.  Most of the designs also include the “Get Creative!” box at the bottom, which includes more ideas to make your design unique and inject your own style!

You can purchase the book today from my website

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Get 10% Off during Paintertainment’s GRAND RE-OPENING!

I am very excited to announce Paintertainment’s GRAND RE-OPENING!!! We have expanded our assortment of products so much, that we had to build a second story on the virtual store just to display all of the great new items we have for sale!

Visit our store today to check out not only more new products, but also entire new assortments!  You’ll find an all new clown section, with clown makeup essentials like white clown base makeup, setting powder and remover, Supracolor grease makeup palettes, and even rainbow eyelashes!

Our new balloon section is a great place to start if you’re getting into balloon twisting, with an assortment of balloons and hand pumps.  I plan on expanding the assortment of colors soon as well!  Got a favorite that you use most often?  Let me know, as I’d love to incorporate your feedback!  I am not a professional balloon twister myself, although I plan to learn soon.  So, I am open to any and all suggestions.

Our glitter aisle now has even more “bling,” with the previous addition of acrylic rhinestones and two products to affix them…both spirit gum and eyelash adhesive.

So visit our store today and check out the new “remodeling” and product selection!  And as a special thank you to all of my Blogger and Facebook friends, get 10% off from now until January 17th on all orders when you enter the coupon code REOPEN2011 !!  (No minimum required.  Limit one coupon use per customer.)

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Kryolan Water Soluble Spirit Gum Now Available!

After doing a little research with my fellow professional face painters, I found that most painters who use acrylic gems in their face and body painting work use either eyelash adhesive or spirit gum.  I recently added eyelash adhesive and an assortment of gems to the site, and today am excited to have just added some of Kryolan’s water soluble spirit gum as well!

I have tried both of these methods of adhesion on myself so far.  From what I’ve gathered, here are a couple differences….

Eyelash adhesive is more expensive for a small tube, and it contains latex, so you’ll have to make sure that the person you’re using it on doesn’t have any latex allergies.  However, it really holds very well and sticks quickly…at least in my experimentation, the gems stuck the second I touched them to my skin.  They also are easily removed when you want them off.

Spirit Gum is less expensive per ounce, and it does not have any latex in it.  The drawback is that it takes much longer to dry.  So, you may be spending more time holding the gem in place, or checking it periodically while you paint to make sure it isn’t sliding down.  You can now find the Kryolan spirit gum on my website in two sizes…the .5 ounce bottle with a built in applicator brush ($4), as well as the larger 16 ounce refill jars ($20) .

After trying them both myself, I’d recommend having both on hand, depending on the situation you’re in and who you’re painting. Obviously it would be a good idea to have spirit gum on hand if you have someone with a latex allergy.  If you really need the gem to stay on well and for a long time, or are doing a gig where you don’t have the time to wait and hold each gem while it dries, you’d want the eyelash adhesive.

If any of you fellow painters out there have other tips or advice for acrylic gem adhesion on the skin, please do post your comments…I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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New Containers Now Available at

I have yet another new group of products just added to the site, in our storage container category.

The first one I am very excited about.  This is a storage box that comes with 28 screw-together jars for just $12.00.  These are the kind of jars that I like to keep my paint in, because they stack together, and you don’t have a lid for every color to screw on and off or lose.  The jars are 1.5″ in diameter, and come in 6 stacks, each of which fit neatly inside 6 compartments in the snap-closed container.  Two of the jars are a little taller, making them perfect for storing a few acrylic gems or even glitter!  I have already purchased one myself, and plan on moving my paints into this container.  I can get all of my bright colors, and now I have space to add some UV-Dayglow paints and metallics all to one conveniently sized kit.  I’ll post photos once the “move” is over!  If there’s space left, you can even store glitter in here. I have 12 colors that I use at any one time so this is a great idea for that as well, especially with the jars being clear.

I also now have available this great box containing 12 screw-top jars for just $7.00!  Each jar comes with it’s own lid and measures about 1.5″ in diameter and 1.75″ in height.  Right now I use little glass jelly sample jars for my glitter, but as they begin to break over time, I plan to move my glitters into this container.  Like I said, I usually have about 12 glitters available at my events, so this would be perfect to hold all of my colors and keep them neatly stored together in my supply bag!

Last but certainly not least is our new 16″ art supply box.  You can get this box as part of the new “Business Starter Kit,” or you can purchase it separately for just $15.00.  This box is large enough to hold your paints, brushes, glitter, gems, you name it!  With it’s clear snap-open storage lid and lift-out tray, organizing your supplies is a breeze!

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New Acrylic Gems & Adhesive Now Available!

I am pleased to announce that I now have a selection of acrylic gems and adhesive available in the shop! These gems can really add a lot of sparkle, especially to your princess designs.  These are not the cheap peel-n-stick gems that fall off right away.  They have a smooth, shiny back, so you can properly attach them safely to the skin with Kryolan eyelash adhesive.  They stay on well and remove easily when you’re ready!

I have chosen a variety of different shapes and sizes to offer at my site!  Below are some image of what I have currently, including hearts, ovals, circles, squares, stars, and variety packs.  Don’t see a shape or size that you like to use?  Please let me know!  I’m looking for more ideas as far as what other shapes to carry.  I have included photographs with a penny shown so that you can easily visualize the size of each gem.

We also have these large 1 pound bags below for just $16.00. These packages do not list a quantity, so I can’t tell you exactly how many are in there, but it’s a BIG bag that is sure to last you a very, very long time! They are available in an assortment of different large shapes, as well as a bag of various round gems!

I am soooo excited to start using these gems in my designs and start offering up special princess party packages.  These gems will be the highlight of my princess and crown designs!