COVID-19 Updates

If you’re like us, you’ve probably received an email from every company under the sun that you’ve ever given your email to in your entire lifetime outlining how they are handling COVID-19. Rather than blast everyone we know, we’ve decided to put all the latest info here for those of you who are actually looking for it. Here’s the latest on how Paintertainment is reacting to COVID-19…

For Our Online Retail Shoppers:

Our online shop always has been run by one person, Gretchen Fleener, in her basement. So, we continue to operate with the same capacity, shipping your orders just as soon as they come in! 🙂 In the event we have to reduce our staff, well, we’ll be closed, and you’ll know. Thank you for your business…it has always meant the world to me, now more than ever!

For our Event Planning Clients:

Yes, our booking contracts state that events are non-refundable once a date has been set aside for you….however, this is definitely one of those situations that none of us could have foreseen or expected. For this reason, we are offering our event clients two options:

  1. Postponing. If you have an event coming up in the next few months, we will be happy to allow you to postpone it, applying 100% of your payment to the new event date, whether you are ready to choose a new date or just want to keep it up in the air until we know more. We can hold your payment and check in periodically until we either choose a new date, or you decide to go with option 2…
  2. Cancel with refund. If you have an event that cannot reschedule or doesn’t make sense to do on a later date, such as Easter events for example, and need to cancel, we will issue you a full refund.

Future events: If you are looking to book an event farther out in the future, we will continue our standard practice of setting aside the date for you with your signed contract and payment. Should we still be receiving recommendations of social distancing as your date approaches, we will offer the same COVID-19 related exceptions stated above.

NEW! No-Contact Celebration Options!

Have you checked out some of our new options available to help you celebrate your milestones without the physical contact?

We are now offering window painting! Our freehand, custom window paintings can last for weeks, can be used to announce a milestone (graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, you name it!), and come with free removal for local customers when you’re ready to take it down! Window painting is also perfect for businesses, to announce you’re open, display your curbside pickup procedures, and announce new promotions!

Now there is no reason your little face paint fan can’t enjoy the fun of face painting at their birthday party, even during a pandemic! We are now offering virtual face paint parties for kids turning 6-13, where we outfit your guests with supplies and teach them to paint through Zoom! Your party includes a 1 year membership to our Future Face Painters Club, and a full club kit for the birthday child!

Our all new Future Face Painters Club is designed for kids ages 6-13 who are interested in being the painter themselves! Your club membership includes one full year of access to our online learning resources, created just for kids, and a cool binder full of materials and tools to get them started! (Host a virtual paint party and your child gets all of this included!)

Our Glitter Glamper booth may not be able to operate at the MN State Fair this year, but don’t let that stop you from shining this summer! We are now offering new Bling-to-Go kits, complete with everything you need to apply our 3D bling clusters and festival glitter for a night on the town!

Our Standard Commitment:

As professional face & body artists, cleanliness, high sanitary standards and the safety of your guests have always been a top priority! As an added precaution and to ensure that we fully understand the latest in proper and effective disinfecting procedures, we have become officially Barbicide certified:

Below is a document that outlines what we currently do, and will continue to do going forward, to help prevent the spread of germs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time with any questions you may have regarding our process!