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Welcome to the Glitter Glamper! We are a temporary body bling studio on sweet, retro wheels! Last summer was my EPIC first season glamming up guests at the Minnesota State Fair! When Covid hit, I was pretty sad to find out that we would not be bringing the bling to the fair in 2020. However, I won’t let that get me down and refuse to let this pandemic stop me! I haven’t come this far just to come this far, and am determined to make the most of the situation. All of my regular events were cancelled from March on, and while that of course put a screeching halt to my income, it gave me the elusive gift of TIME. I decided to take advantage of that! With my original idea proven already at the fair, I know I will be back out there when Covid is behind us all. SO, I took a leap of faith and invested what I had left in this amazing vintage 1963 Shasta trailer in the fall of 2020! I have been working tirelessly, racing the impending Minnesota winter, to get as much done inside her as I can before tucking her away for the winter! Be sure to check out the blog for updates on her progress (some links below!), follow us on Facebook and Instagram @GlitterGlamper, and I hope to see you just as soon as we’ve all kicked Covid’s butt! Keep on scrolling to see what we do, purchase your own at-home bling kits, see the Glamper in the press, and more!

Glitter Glamper Blog Posts:

Click the links to read up on what’s been going on with the Glamper! Here you’ll find more about our first year at the fair, the purchasing of the REAL Glamper, and the process of renovating it to make it amazing for your events!

“HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to visit our booth out at the Minnesota State fair this summer! What a wonderful time we had! Our first year at the fair was definitely an awesome experience. We were featured on several news stations, and even won a 2019 “Best of the Fair” award, which is only given out to 12 of the 1,200 vendors! What an incredible honor! I am already working on some awesome improvements and additions so be sure to come on out and see us again in 2020! In the meantime, we can “Bring the Bling” to your events around the Twin Cities! Fill out our quote request form with your event details, and be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@GlitterGlamper)!”

– Gretchen Fleener, Founder

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The Minnesota State Fair!

What We Do

Scroll down to get a taste of the different offerings we can bring to your event!

All of our bling clusters are hand made right here in Minnesota! We have a fun assortment of themes, shapes and designs to choose from, and can even custom make bling to go along with your party theme! All of our bling clusters can be peeled off, saved, and re-applied later! Simply re-attach with our skin safe body glue!

Our Festival Faces take face art to a whole new dimension! We not only apply a custom makeup job, but accompany it with glitter and 3-d elements, including but not limited to 3-D unicorn horns, monster horns, and mermaid tails, all hand made in Minnesota!

Our festival glitter eyes are a hit with all ages, and are perfect for parties, festivals or just a night out on the town! Customize your look by choosing the design shape and glitter colors and we will apply your custom sparkle with our assortment of glitter gels and creams!

Glitter freckles are so much fun! We can not only incorporate your favorite glitter color choice, but complement your glitter with small painted stars, hearts or dots!

Glitter tattoos are popular with all ages and can last for days! Applied with a skin safe adhesive, your glittery tattoo design will typically last 3-5 days, and we have even seen them last 10-12 days if well cared for! Glitter tattoos are a great option for events that include water activities, as they will stay on even in the pool or shower! Choose your designs and colors and make it your own!

Our glitter beards are always a huge hit, for the wearer and onlookers alike! We can’t even tell you how many men came back to our state fair booth this year hours later, justto tell us how much fun they had with all the attention and comments they received, and people asking to take photos with them! Don’t have a beard? No problem! We also offer “Wannabeards”…choose a style of beard and/or mustache and we’ll apply one with our makeup and glitter gels!

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