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Tuesday Tips @ 10: Clean, Crisp Stenciling

Happy Tuesday! Are you frustrated with your stencils? This week I wanted to share the tool that has been the biggest game changer for me when it comes to achieving clean, crisp stencil designs: my mini kabuki brush! I hope this helps you out if you haven’t tried this tool before! Feel free to share your own tips and tricks for clean stencil designs in the comments! Thanks for watching!

  • STENCILS – Topaz Mommy & Me Samantha
    STENCILS – Topaz Mommy & Me Samantha
  • STENCILS – Topaz Drea
    STENCILS – Topaz Drea
  • Short Kabuki Stencil Brush
    Short Kabuki Stencil Brush
  • Foam Lollipop Blenders
    Foam Lollipop Blenders
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Tuesday Tips @ 10: Painting Feathers

Happy Tuesday! Since my team and I will be painting some fun feather designs to complement our owl bling this week at the MN State Fairgrounds, I thought I’d do a little tutorial on painting feathers! How do you use feathers in your designs? Please feel free to comment and share your own feather related designs and tips! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Tuesday Tips at Ten: How to Paint a Perfect Yin & Yang!

It’s Tuesday! Today I am frantically prepping to run my Glitter Glamper booth at the Kickoff to Summer event at the MN State Fairgrounds, so I decided to resurrect an old video! Check out this video for my tips to create a perfect Yin and Yang…they are much harder than they look and people often ask me how I paint them. Watch to see what I do!

Last week my website host was malfunctioning and I was not able to share my tip here on my blog, so below is last week’s tip. Unfortunately WordPress seems to let me down often, so if you check my blog again and find nothing on Tuesday at 10, be sure to check out my Facebook page as I’ve had the best luck so far getting my scheduled posts to show there! Thanks so much for watching!

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Tuesday Tips @ 10: Shading the Death Star (or a Sphere with a Dimple)

Happy Tuesday! Since Star Wars Day is just a couple days away, this week I decided to incorporate a Death Star design into my tip! The death star is a perfect example to show how lighting and shadows change on a convex sphere, vs a concave dimple. Check out today’s video for a mini lighting & shadows lesson and a fun design to use this Thursday!