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Find the best glitter for face and body art right here! We have safe glitter for body art in many forms: loose glitter, glitter spray, glitter creme, glitter gels, and even larger acrylic gems and the skin-safe adhesive to affix them.

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Glitter Cremes

Glitter cremes have a consistency similar to lip balm. They are best applied with a clean fingertip, but I personally like to use silicone applicators. These cremes are designed to be able to spread on over the top of face paint without smearing your design!

Spray Glitter

If you aren’t concerned about being really specific with your glitter placement and just want a large area to sparkle, spray glitter is great! We have glitter/powder spray bottles that enable you to spray loose cosmetic glitter right over your painted designs. We also carry Mehron’s spray glitter, which is glitter suspended in a liquid for it to stick with.

Acrylic Rhinestones

We have a large assortment of gems, both loose and adhesive-backed! They can be adhered to the skin using our skin safe adhesives, or assembled into “bling clusters” first! Gems below are shown with a penny to scale for reference, with all the photos at the same scale, so the various gem photos are proportionate to each other as well. Click on the product for more information and to see a photo of them in their original packaging.

Round Gems

Square Gems



Bling on a Roll

What are “clusters?” Gem clusters are the latest craze in face painting. Artists carefully set gems into a base of fabric paint on clear sheet protectors, allow them to dry, and then peel them off and adhere with skin safe adhesive to enhance their designs!


Google Eyes

We have an assortment of different skin safe adhesives, great for affixing gems, google eyes, and feathers to the face!

Storage Solutions

Application Tools