Pros-Aide II


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Pros-Aide II is the preferred adhesive of professional face painters for bling clusters, unicorn horns, etc because it sticks just as well, but washes off easier than the original! You can also use it for glitter tattoos when the parents would like to be able to wash them off sooner.

Pros-Aide II is very similar to the original in all characteristics, except that it is easier to remove as many cleansers and adhesive solvents will break it down more easily. Pros-Aide II is great for sensitive skin, or thin areas of prosthetics, and short term applications.NOTICE: Pros-Aide can NOT be frozen! It will permanently solidify if frozen. Paintertainment is not responsible for Pros-Aide that arrives frozen. Order at your own risk during the cold months of Nov-Mar, or better yet, stock up before winter! We ship from Minnesota!

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2 oz Jar, 16 oz Bottle


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