Products I use & love!

SO often I’m asked by fellow artists, “Where did you GET that?!” My goal is to help my fellow artists to find the BEST tools for the job, even if it’s not something I carry in my own shop! So, here is a list of things I use and love! Just click the image to go directly to Amazon.

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Camera Mount + Light

This portable selfie light and camera holder is great to film your videos and step by steps! Runs on USB power, so I just plug mine into my laptop or a little power bank.

Unbreakable Mirror

I got this idea from my amazing painty friend Lori Hurley. She wears this unbreakable shower mirror on a lanyard around her neck, so it’s always right where she needs it!

Liquid Bling Case

I love this little case for storing and transporting my liquid bling! It opens on both sides and has a carrying handle.

Glitter Bottle Display

This little display works perfect to hold our glitter poof bottles or liquid bling bottles! I use these in my glitter tattoo kit and my glitter beard kit to organize my glitters!

Mirror with Large Grip

I LOVE this mirror! I found one at a thrift store but my friend found it on Amazon…I may buy another soon! I use this at all of my gigs!

Mini Ott Light

This little light packs a LOT of power and is so lightweight! My henna pro friend Victoria Welch told me about these and they are perfect for those low light gigs!

Zuca Bag (Pro version)

This Zuca bag has been amazing for transporting my “precious” kit across the globe and worth every dollar if you travel with your kit. It also saved me on a 2 hour standing-room-only train ride in Europe as it functions as a stool too! If you plan to travel by plane, get the PRO version, not SPORT. The extra wheels on the back of the sport make it unable to fit in most overhead compartments.

Small Tool organizer

I have several of these in different sizes, and I use them to hold all my little tools like mini daubers, lollipop blenders, dotting wands and small brushes! Great for keeping everything organized and visible!

Director’s Chair

These are the chairs I currently use on the job! They are super lightweight, and I love that they come with a carrying bag!

Roll-up Camp Table

I have a camp table similar to this that I always put in my vehicle for every gig, just in case! You never know when the client won’t have a table for you! It is lightweight and rolls up small!

Travel Watercolor Set

This little travel watercolor set is so much fun! I use it for my sketchbooks.

Collapsible Water Container

I got this idea from my painty friend Magen Dodge! She uses these collapsible food containers for a compact water well!

Collapsible Water Container

I got this idea from my painty friend Magen Dodge! She uses these collapsible food containers for a compact water well!

Liquid Bling Rack

I got this to store my glitters for a while! The rack works perfect for Liquid Bling bottles! Glitter poof bottles are a little more loose & floppy though as they have longer necks.

Mini Projector

This is an awesome mini projector! Beware it is NOT as small as this photo in the hand, but it’s a great travel sized projector for teaching or watching movies. It can even run on battery and has built in speakers!

Magnetic Menu Board

I use this when I need a large menu board…it’s really lightweight compared to those molded plastic sidewalk signs, is magnetic on both sides so I can change out what I display, and can sit low on the ground or slide up to eye level!

Tabletop Magnetic Display

I used this cool folding, magnetic white board to hold and display all of my glitters at the Glitter Glamper in 2021 and loved it! You can use it like a tent sign, or stand it vertically, and it comes with a nice carrying bag.

Neodymium Magnets

These are the magnets I use now to attach my glitter jars and paints to my case…they are expensive but worth it! Super thin and incredibly strong!

Travel Brush Holder

I love this little brush bag…it’s super compact for travel, holds a lot of brushes & folds open to stand on it’s own. I like that it has elastic to organize brushes, but you can also just throw them in like an open brush cup if you want. It doesn’t fit really long handled brushes though.

Magnetic Marker Holder

I use this little holder in my glitter tattoo kit…it is magnetic and just the right size to hold a couple of my glue vials!

Makeup Brush Holder

I use this inside my glitter tattoo kit…it’s great because it can hold so many different shapes and sizes of tools!

Unicorn Brush

The kids LOVE this brush! I use it to sweep away the loose glitter when doing glitter tattoos, before peeling off the stencil.

Cotton Pad Holder

I use this in my glitter tattoo kit, and also when I’m applying bling clusters…whenever I need to clean the skin first with alcohol! I added some bling to spruce mine up.

Clear Makeup Bag

I switched my kit to clear bags and LOVE IT! No more wondering which pocket that one tool is in. I use this bag for water jars, towels, and other stuff that doesn’t fit in my backpack.

Clear Backpack

I switched my kit to clear bags and LOVE IT! No more wondering which pocket that one tool is in.

Next in Line Tape

This is such a great idea to define the start of your line, and easy to toss in your kit!

LED Light Bars

These are SO great for tricking out your kit with lights! They weigh almost nothing, are rechargeable, magnetic, and come with a remote and SIX lights!

Container Strips

These are made for diamond painting but they are great for storing little bits of glitter creams! I put magnets on the back of each strip of 4.

Backpack Kit

My most recent kit experiment…really cool kit you can wear as a backpack! I did a lot of modifications but I think this is going to be great especially for teaching at conventions!

Tin Snips

I use these whenever I have to line a new kit with steel for magnets. I purchase white boards from thrift stores, take them apart, and use these to cut whatever pieces of steel I need!

E6000 Glue

This is the glue I use to adhere neodymium magnets to the backs of all my paint cakes and glitters. I haven’t had one pop off yet!

Telescoping Stand

This is designed to hold tablets, but I have been using this as a super portable sign holder! Just put in a sign frame instead of a tablet and voila…collapsible menu stand or line marker sign!

Menu Books

I’ve been using these lately to display my design menus and they are great! Parents and kids can flip through them and pass down the line while waiting.

Sign Stands

I have several of these for displaying design menus, or “line forms here” signs! If you have multiple you can hang ropes from them too to help define your line.