Glitter beards just have a way of spreading contagious joy throughout an event unlike anything we’ve seen in our industry! After reluctantly giving into their wives’ and daughters’ pleas at our Glitter Glamper at the state fair, we have literally had men come back at the end of the day to thank us and let us know how much fun it was to wear their glitter beard all day! Your glitter beard will induce smiles wherever you go, and don’t be surprised if people ask to take their photo with you! Whether you’re in search of a unique look for a special event, a way to show your loyalty to your favorite sports team, or have been double dog dared, we have what you need! Click the button below to request a quote for your special event!

How do you apply the glitter?
First, cover you with a hairdressing cape, to help keep your clothes from being covered in glitter! We begin by combing some hair gel into your beard with a disposable comb (one per client). Next, we apply the glitter (you choose the colors!), which sticks to the hair gel. Finally, we spritz it with a little hairspray to help it last, remove your cape and reveal your final look in the mirror! We only use cosmetic grade glitters and other products made for hair.

Is the glitter hard to wash out?
Not at all. Many clients have commented on how simple it was to remove! Simply rinse it out in the shower. Of course, as we all know, glitter has a way of hanging around for a while, and it depends on how thorough you are in the shower, so don’t be surprised if you find a sparkle here and there for a while afterwards! Glitter is the gift that keeps on giving, haha! The memories and photos, however, will last forever!