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Welcome to Wet Paint! We are a USA based magazine published by Paintertainment, LLC. Our aim is to not only bring you some of the best creative eye candy from around the world, but also plenty of content and interesting articles, tips, news and tutorials to help you learn and grow as an artist AND a business person. Our goal is to inspire, instruct, inform and uplift you through practical, relevant content in a colorful, fun, family-friendly, and light hearted format!

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Articles in Wet Paint Magazine

Looking for a particular artist or topic? Wondering what features each issue hold? Here is a complete list of what you can find in each issue!

Volume 1 Issue 1 – Summer 2017

The Premier Issue

  • What would a college degree in face & body art require?
  • Families who entertain together
  • Moonlighting with Matteo Arfanotti – About Matteo’s “Arfa Bags”
  • Jamvention – Total creative Immersion
  • Poll: “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever been asked to paint?”
  • Step by steps: puppy, zebra, cheek art starfish

Volume 1 Issue 2 – Fall 2017

  • Is Olga Murasev’s International Face Painting School really worthwhile?
  • How to win at competitions – by Sabine Vogel
  • Kids who Paint – by Gretchen Fleener
  • Moonlighting with Tamina Muhammad
  • Kid Artist: Thays Diaz
  • Poll: “What’s the most unique location you’ve painted at?”
  • Step by Steps: snake, cheek art sugar skull
  • Inspiration: Non-Gory Halloween designs

Volume 1 Issue 3 – Winter 2017

The Camouflage Issue

  • Hope after Harvey – Artists share their stories of pain & perseverance
  • Collaboration Groups: why and how to start one
  • The Camouflage art of Frederique Barieux
  • Insurance: is it worth it? – by Diane Spadola
  • Kid Artist: Ana Paula
  • Poll: “What do you do during your slow season?”
  • Step by Steps: Snowflakes, candycanes, cheek art polar bear
  • Tools & Techniques: Linework with Olga Murasev

Volume 2 Issue 2 – Summer 2018

The Flowers & Butterflies Issue

  • Being joyful when you don’t feel like it – by Lori Hurley
  • Challenge yourself! Artists share their personal creative challenges
  • Pro Artist Q&A: Kristin Olsson
  • Kid Artist: Puck Janssen
  • Poll: “What is one piece of advice you’d like to go back and give yourself?”
  • Step by Steps: Floral design, calla lily, butterfly, cheek art flowers

Volume 2 Issue 2 – Summer 2018

The Watercolor Issue

  • Moonlighting with Cat Hill – Super Shoes
  • Gretchen Fleener’s Painted Jewelry
  • The Magical Gypsy Wagon of Teresa Rust
  • Pro Artist Q&A: Monka Nyznyk
  • Kid Artist: Liliana Nowicka
  • Poll: “What did you do. before you became a face painter?”
  • Step by Steps: watercolor cat, cheek art watercolor flowers

Volume 2 Issue 3 – Fall 2018

The Blacklight Issue

  • Sugar skulls with Shawna Del Real – tips & etiquette
  • The blacklight art of John Poppleton
  • Pro Artist Q&A: Nancy Wu
  • Elfia celebrates 10 years
  • Kid Artist: Corey Charlton
  • Poll: “Have you ever arrived at a gig & realized you left something vital at home?”
  • Step by step: unicorn
  • Terminology: UV, blacklight, fluorescent, neon, dayglow…what does it all mean?

Volume 2 Issue 4 – Winter 2018

The Bling Issue

  • Branching Out: The business of making & selling bling
  • Entertainer Safety – by Kelly Smith
  • The bling cluster boom – by Gretchen Fleener
  • Pro Artist Q&A: Sabine Vogel
  • New Zealand face & body art showcase
  • Kid Artist: Chavie Goldberger
  • Poll: “What is one business lesson you’ve learned the hard way?”
  • Step by Steps: Glitter tat roses, glitter tat snowmen, cheek art gift

Volume 3 Issue 1 – Spring 2019

The Valentine Issue

  • Painting from the Heart – by Kelly Smith
  • The value of supportive partners – by Gretchen Fleener
  • Portraits & sentiments in memory of Jocelyn Casdorph
  • Pro Artist Q&A: Denise Cold
  • Kid Artist: Gabby Sundlie
  • Poll: “What do you love about your job?”
  • Step by Steps: floral butterfly, valentine tiger
  • Tools & Techniques: one stroke roses with Denise Cold

Volume 3 Issue 2 – Summer 2019

The Green Issue

  • Upcycled paint/henna kits – by Linda Krause-Maldonado
  • How to extend the life of your brushes
  • DIY Face painter hacks
  • What to do with empty paint containers
  • The 10 habits of UNprofitable face painters – by Diane Spadola
  • How to make confetti cakes & where to use them
  • Pro Artist Q&A: Svetlana Keller
  • Poll: “What is your best moneysaving tip for face painters?
  • Tools & Techniques: making theater makeup last by Mehron
  • Step by Steps: Dragon eye, fairy/rainbow/butterfly, rocket ship, kawaii cactus

Volume 3 Issue 3 – Fall 2019

The Boy Issue

  • How to land private appointments – by Diane Spadola
  • Going Glamping at the MN State Fair – by Gretchen Fleener
  • Pro Artist Q&A: Annabel Hoogeveen
  • Poll: “What is your best tip for painting boys?”
  • Super hero & Halloween design inspiration
  • Step by Steps: dragon, Batman, Lion, Goku mask, Race Car, Twin boy belly, zombie

Volume 3 Issue 4 – Winter 2019

The Slow Season

  • 12 things to do in the slow season – by Diane Spadola
  • Try Something New! 7 other artistic entertainment fields
  • 10 cheap or free ways to market yourself – by Gretchen Fleener
  • Pro Artist Q&A: Corey Morgan
  • Poll: “What has been your most effective form of advertising?”
  • Step by Steps: Christmas Kitty, Thanos, Christmas Camper, Rudolph, Vintage Santa
  • Christmas design inspiration

Volume 4 Issue 1 – Spring 2020

The Floral Issue

  • On the Job: Painting at Amusement Parks
  • The UNconventional Convention: Northern Stars Summit
  • Thanking those who Encourage
  • Pro Artist Q&A: Bianca Hannah
  • Kid Artist: Alexander Keller
  • Step by Steps: Roses, Sunflowers, skateboarding bunny, carrot car, flowers & birds, painting bunny, cheek art kawaii taco
  • Floral design inspiration by Bianca Hannah

Volume 4 Issue 2 – Summer 2020

The Quarantine Issue

  • Making Lemonade out of Lemons: Artists tweak their business model during quarantine
  • Convince your own kids to let you paint them again! – by Gretchen Fleener
  • Branching Out: Creating a Convention from the ground up – by Gretchen Fleener
  • Improving your at-home photography skills – by Svetlana Keller
  • 10 ways to grow your business during the pandemic – by Diane Spadola
  • Artistic responses to COVID-19
  • JestPaint’s new portable photo background
  • Pro Artist Q&A: Corey Morgan
  • Poll: “What are you filling your time with during quarantine?”
  • Step by Steps: Summer florals, Grizzly Bear, Camping Scene, Cheek Art Sunshine
  • Convention & Workshop Photo Collage

Volume 4 Issue 3 – Fall 2020

The Fall Issue

  • How Artists are Getting Back to Work
  • Branching Out: The New Smile Creators Face Painting Platform
  • Pro Artist Q&A with Elodie Ternois
  • A Time to Pivot
  • Step by Steps: Purple Minion, Yellow Minion, Unicorn
  • Inspiration: Halloween Glam by Marianne Janssen
  • Poll: What criteria are you using to decide when it’s safe to go back to painting faces?
  • Paintertainment’s Future Face Painters’ Club Coloring Contest winners announced
  • Galleries: Face, Body and Belly art

Volume 4 Issue 4 – Winter 2020

The Fall Issue

  • Branching Out: The Reptile Viking
  • Taking your Talents Virtual
  • Overcoming Fear and Uncertainty – by Diane Spadola
  • Pro Artist Q&A with Margi Kanter
  • Beating the Covid Blues
  • Inspiration: Rudolf Design Roundup
  • Inspiration: Snowman Design Roundup
  • Step by Steps: Holiday elf, Snowboarding Snowman, Rudolf, Polar Bear, Winter scene, sweater texture
  • Galleries: Face and Body Art

Volume 5 Issue 1 – Spring 2021

Spring Florals & Birds

  • Rekindling your Creative Fire
  • Getting Back to Work
  • Covid-Friendly Designs: Graffiti Arms & Legs
  • Connecting with your Clients
  • Floral & Bird Inspiration
  • Tools & Techniques: Feathers & Wings
  • Step by Steps: hummingbirds, flowers, Hedwig owl, mask painting, Easter design
  • Galleries: Face, Body and Belly art
  • Kid Artist Spotlight: Josje Lamers

Submit Your Work to Wet Paint Magazine

Our next upcoming issue in the works is the SUMMER issue, coming in June/July 2021! While we are always accepting work of any kind, we will soon list some subjects/themes we are looking for for the upcoming issue. Please be sure to read all of the submission guidelines below before sending in your work!! Thank you!

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“Show us your Kit!” – Do you have a creative or well organized paint kit? Send us photos & descriptions!
“Face/Body/Belly Art Galleries” – Belly paintings, body paintings & face paintings are always welcome! Be sure to include artist, model and photo credits and any web/social media links you’d like with them.
“Kid Artist Spotlight” – Do you know a kid who loves to face paint? We would love to email you/them a short list of questions and share some of their work!
Poll Question – Watch our Facebook page for question to come!
Event Photos – Send us your favorite snapshots from a convention, workshop, etc that you feel best captures the spirit of the event! Please include the event name, date and location. Even if it’s virtual!
Creative Spaces Series – Show us your unique space where you work your magic!
Moonlighting Series – What other creative business ventures do you have outside of face & body art?
Branching Out Series – What ways have you expanded your business beyond but still within the realm of face & body painting?
Submit your Own: We are always open to submissions of articles on topics of interest to our readers!


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Have you painted Something awesome lately that you’d like to see in print? Got some great tips, tutorials, or articles that you’d like to share with the world? You’re in the right place! We love to share your work. Here are some of the things we’re currently looking for:

• Step by Step Tutorials
If you are submitting a step by step, make sure that your photos are in focus and taken against a clean, solid background. We’re looking for photos of at least 4 steps plus a final design photo. Don’t forget to include written instructions of each step!

• Photo submissions to our Gallery
We’d love to see your work! If you haven’t already flipped through the pages of Wet Paint Magazine, we tend to focus on the colorful, creative, fun, silly, family-friendly and joyful side of face and body art! We currently have three types of galleries to share your work: body art, face art, and belly art. Preference will go to work that hasn’t already been shared on social media and pieces that fit within the theme for that issue if there is one, but it also depends on the space we have, so we’d love to see whatever you’ve done! Please ensure all photos are in focus, well lit, and high resolution to be considered for print. Don’t forget to include all credits, including the artist, photographer and model’s names. No watermarks please, but please also submit your website url or Facebook page name so we can give you proper credit! Sent in some work and you haven’t seen it published? No worries! We can’t fit everything in each issue, and sometimes hold on to submissions that we feel will fit with a particular theme we have coming up. Thank you for your understanding!!

• Articles
Feel free to send us your articles that are relevant to the face and body art community! Articles about painting techniques, product reviews, business, and industry topics are always welcome. Please send article copy directly in the body of your email, including the author’s name, country, and website link (if applicable). We reserve the right to edit as needed for content and space. When submitting photo to go along with articles, be sure to credit the photographer, artists, models, etc.

• News & Events
Got an upcoming event date to share or just some news tips? Feel free to email us with those as well! Attended an awesome conference or workshop lately? Send us your best photo that captures the spirit of that event!

Before submitting work to Wet Paint, please ensure that your photos are clear and of a high enough resolution for print, as we will not print blurry or low-resolution images. Please note that by submitting materials to us, you agree that you have full rights to the photos and work being sent, and that you are granting us full permission to print them in our publication. We reserve the right to edit photos and copy as needed to fit within our layouts. Finally, please know that while we try our best to publish what we can, in an effort to maintain a consistent look and/or theme each issue, we may not print everything that is submitted. Likewise, submissions that are not included in the most current issue may still appear in a later issue if they are a better fit. Thank you for your understanding!

Once you have read and agreed to all of the above terms and instructions, please go ahead and email all submissions to: Gretchen [at] Paintertainment [dot] com with “Wet Paint Submission” in the subject line for consideration!

Thank you for helping expand Wet Paint’s representation of our awesome industry!