Wet Paint Magazine Vol 3 Issue 3 – Fall 2019


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This issue is dedicated to boys! While boys can get into face painting just as much as girls, we often times struggle to come up with as many design options for them. One thing we’ve noticed is that boys prefer not to have paint too close to their eyes or on their eyelids. So when we started to see Annabel Hoogeveen’s awesome mask paintings flooding social media, we had to reach out to her for our Pro Artist Q & A session! In this issue Annabel not only talks about how she got started and shares valuable advice that she’s received along the way, but has also put together a couple step by step designs for us!

In this issue you’ll hear about Gretchen Fleener’s first year running a booth at the Minnesota State Fair, the Glitter Glamper! It was quite a wild ride, and you can read all about it and some of her learnings from the experience in this issue.

With fall comes Halloween, and new opportunities to reach outside our birthday party comfort zone to offer more elaborate services like private appointments. Private sessions are some of my favorite projects! You really have time to do your best work, and end up with awesome portfolio material. In this issue Diane Spadola shares with us some of her tips for landing and executing private appointments!

We also have loads of awesome step by step designs this month from Annabel Hoogeveen, Silvie Vissers, Gillian ChildLydia Herrmann and Gretchen Fleener.


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