“Our experience was extremely memorable and we were thrilled that she was a part of our pregnancy experience. Her artistry is indescribable!”

– Heidi

Getting your belly painted and photographed is a unique and fun way to create special memories of your pregnancy! Whether you have your belly painted as part of your baby shower, or make it a special event in itself, you’re sure to treasure the photos of your belly painting day for years to come. They make such a fun addition to your baby book!

Most designs take around an hour or two to do, but it depends on the design of course. You can either come to my home in Mound MN, (friends, family, and photographers are welcome to come along!), or I can come to your home or baby shower! Your baby bump painting session includes a little photo shoot done by myself, and I will send you digital copies. I am not a professional photographer, but if you like what you see on this page, it is a good representation of what I can do! Likewise, some moms like to hire a photographer to come along as well, which is also welcomed!

Please feel free to email me to set up an appointment, or ask any other questions I may have missed in the FAQ! Also, be sure to check out my blog posts about the fish bowl painting, the Twins painting, the beach painting, the teddy bear painting, the Nightmare Before Christmas painting, the butterfly fairy, and other paintings for more fun photos!

Got questions? Scroll down for our belly painting FAQ!

Frequently Asked Questions about Belly Painting

Q: How much does it cost?
In general baby bump paintings start at $225, as a discounted price if you’re willing to come to my home to have it done. Rates vary from there if I come to you, depending on your location. This includes up to an hour of painting, and a mini photo shoot of the finished product (taken by me)! I will send you digital photos usually within a day or two of your session. But don’t worry, I will not surprise you at the end with the total. Before you even book a session, I will make sure you are aware of your total costs and will not go over that unless you instruct me otherwise. You can help me avoid surprises by letting me know up front if you have a budget to fit within, so that I can tailor your custom artwork to fit within that!

Q: How long does it take?
Most designs can be painted within an hour, but it depends on the design. Please let me know if you have a time frame you’d like me to stick to, so I can tailor your design to fit your schedule and your budget!

Q: Should I come to you, or do you come to me?
Either way! You can come to my home in Mound, Minnesota and have me paint you here, and of course you are encouraged to bring along any family or friends who would like to share in the experience. I’d recommend bringing at least one friend to take photos of you being painted! In general, week days between 1:00 and 4:00 work best for me. But, I can do my best to work around your schedule too, with evenings or weekends as well. I can offer you a discount as well since you’d be saving me the driving! Otherwise, many moms enjoy having their belly painted at home or even during their baby shower or blessingway to add extra fun and entertainment to the event!

Q: I don’t know what design I want! Can you help?
Of course! I have put together some questionnaires and ideas to get the ball rolling and help us come up with a great design that will be perfect just for you! Once we come up with a design idea that you like, I will give you some type of visual, whether it be a hand drawing or a Photoshopped image. This way you will get to see what the final design will look like before we even meet.

Q: But I’m self conscious about my stretch marks!
No problem! The makeup/design can completely cover your stretch marks so you won’t see your bare belly in your photos! If you don’t want your belly on display to your shower friends while your painting is in progress, you may prefer to come to my home or have me come to yours for private sessions. Or, if you’re having it done at a shower, I can always apply a base coat of paint (depending on the design) in a private room before taking your belly “public” for your friends/family to watch. Your comfort is my top priority!!

Q: Do I need to stand, sit, or lay down for an hour?
Usually what I do is have you stand for just a couple minutes while I lightly sketch the design with a makeup pencil first…this prevents your design from looking distorted when you stand up at the end. Then I’ll have you sit for the rest of the painting. It works best if you’re on a chair without arms, as they can block my access to the sides of your belly, and being at a slight angle (or a pillow behind your lower back) so your belly isn’t scrunched up. But, you’re welcome to lie down if that’s more comfortable, and of course get up and stretch or change positions whenever you need! As a mother of two myself, I totally understand the need to get in the right position, and the need for bathroom breaks! 😉 I have a great zero gravity chair that I can bring along if I am coming to you that pregnant moms love!

Q: Is the paint safe for baby?
Most definitely! I only use the highest quality professional supplies, FDA compliant for cosmetic use. We tend to call it face “paint” because it goes on with artist brushes, but it really is not paint at all…it is actually makeup designed for use on skin. My makeup is all water based and easily washes off with soap and water when you’re done enjoying your design!

Q: I don’t see my question answered here. How can I contact you to ask questions and/or to set up a baby bump painting session?
 Send me an email and I’ll get back to you asap! If you prefer to talk in person, let me know and I’ll be glad to email you my phone number!