Wet Paint Magazine Vol 3 Issue 2 – Summer 2019


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In this “green” issue we talk about how to recycle, upcycle, and DIY your way to an awesome kit or display that is as unique as you. We also talk about how to get just a little bit more life out of face painting products that you are thinking about tossing aside, and make what you have last a little bit longer. And speaking of making things last, the experts at Mehron have sent us some tips to make your theater makeup last longer too in our Tools & Techniques section. We show you how to get the most out of those last bits of paint by creating confetti cakes, how to make your brushes last longer, and what to do with all those empty paint containers!

Besides making our face and body art supplies and artwork last, we can make an environmental impact by finding new uses for old things. This month artist Linda Krause-Maldonado shares with us how she turned her thrift store finds into awesome kits for her face and belly painting, airbrush and henna! We also have put together a fun collection of DIY face painter “hacks” to improve your kit while keeping your wallet fat, and even some fun ways to repurpose all those empty paint containers we all have piling up.

The subject of our Pro Artist Q&A session this issue is the amazingly talented Svetlana Keller! Svetlana is not only a pro at face painting but also balloons, and has some great experience and inspiration to share! Also in this issue, artist, agent and business coach Diane Spadola gives us another great article on the 10 habits of UNprofessional face painters! Make it a goal to remove some of these habits from your business this year! Our “Branching Out” series is back in this issue, as we interview Manuela Cason on her invention of the new GigGenie mobile face painting apron! Linnéa Önnerby Novak has created three more wonderful step-by-step designs for you this issue, and don’t forget to check out our inspirational galleries of face, body and belly painting, our poll question, upcoming events and new products!


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