Wet Paint Magazine – Vol 4 Issue 4 – Winter 2020


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Winter and the holidays can bring on all sorts of emotions that won’t help us through a pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we are powerless against them! In this issue Diane Spadola writes about how to conquer fear and uncertainty in our businesses…something we all can benefit from. I’ve also written about some of the ways I have personally fought the covid blues that have come in waves since March. We are all suffering a crushing blow to our industry, but it won’t last forever and while we don’t have to be happy about it, we can still fight to keep the joy in our lives that our work brings! Many artists have successfully transitioned their businesses into the virtual world, and I’ve interviewed several of them in this issue. Read about how some artists are entertaining and teaching successfully via Zoom, and tips for setting up a successful online paint jam! I’ve also interviewed friends and colleagues Matt & Jelly Otis about their fun addition to their business that has proven to be a great covid friendly addition: reptile shows! You’ll also be inspired by the story and work of Margi Kanter, who not only graciously agreed to be the subject of our Pro Artist Q&A this issue, but provided us with a fun step by step! I hope this issue helps you find that ideal “winter gear” to get you through the cold months, and looking forward to a new year!


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