Wet Paint Magazine – Vol 4 Issue 2 – Summer 2020


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With all the changes going on in the world during a pandemic, our mission at Wet Paint remains the same: to inspire, instruct, inform and uplift…all things we need now more than ever! The Summer 2020 issue is no exception! In this issue we share tips to help you convince your kids stuck at home with you to let you paint them, again! Svetlana Keller shares tips to achieve professional photos of your work from home and beyond, and we interview Anna from Jest Paint about their cool new product to help you get a clean photo background wherever you are! Business coach Diane Spadola shares 10 things you can do during the pandemic to not just survive, but grow your business. We’ve also rounded up some inspiring stories of artists and entertainers who have turned covid’s lemons into lemonade, tweaking their businesses to get through this strange new time. Thinking of taking on a big project right now? You’re sure to be encouraged by Tricia Heagle’s story of single handedly creating an entire convention! While you may not be able to put together a large gathering right now, her stories of struggle, determination and success are sure to inspire you to take a leap, even with risk involved. We have a fun variety of step by step designs by Wendy LaBelga and Gretchen Fleener, and a special pandemic themed gallery of body art. In this issue’s poll we’ve asked our readers what they are doing during quarantine that fills them up and makes them feel good! Needless to say, this issue is jam packed with something for everyone during these strange time!


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