Wet Paint Magazine Vol 2 Issue 3 – Fall 2018


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The fall issue is not to be missed! Our theme this issue is blacklight and sugar skulls! With fall comes dia de los muertos, and our Facebook feeds will soon be filled with sugar skull designs. But what is the meaning behind them, and what is appropriate imagery to include in these designs? Who better to answer these questions than the sugar skull queen herself, Shawna Del Real? Of course we just had to interview the incredible blacklight artist John Poppleton on the subject of blacklight painting for this issue’s theme! Learn more about John and his tips & suggestions for blacklight painting! Also in this issue, learn about the magical cosplay fantasy faire “Elfia,” as we celebrate Face Painting In Progress’s (FIP) 10th year painting there! The incredibly talented Nancy Wu has not only graciously answered our Pro Artist Q&A questions this issue, but has shared some valuable tips and gorgeous work that hasn’t been shared yet! Kiera Taylor has created a wonderful step by step unicorn design to share with you, and we’ve also interviewed 8 (almost 9) year old Corey Charlton for this issue’s Kid Artist Spotlight! In this issue’s poll we’ve asked you if you’ve ever left an important part of your kit at home, what it was and how you managed. Read on for some great, anxiety inducing stories! Blacklight, uv, neon, fluorescent, dayglow, glow-in-the-dark..what does it all mean? Check out this issue for a piece that helps sort out the terminology and what it all means for us as artists!


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