Wet Paint Magazine Vol 1 Issue 2 – Fall 2017


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Our 2nd issue of Wet Paint is full of advice for winning competitions from FABIC 2017 champion Sabine Vogel! We also bring encouragement for the future of our profession in an article on kids who paint. Hear from professional artist Morgan Vemu, and her daughter Achala, creator of the “Lil’ Painty Peeps” Facebook group, as well as Marcela Murad, creator of the kids’ tract at FABAIC! In the latest installment of our “moonlighting” series, you will get a peek into the life of Tamina Muhammad and the wonderful work she does spreading the love of art to kids and the elderly. Looking to really up your game with both knowledge and skills? Check out our feature on Olga Murasev’s new online International Face Painting School! In this feature we interview Olga to find out how the idea for the school was born, the work she put into creating it, and how the program works. We’ve even interviewed students currently enrolled in the school to get their take on it! Don’t forget to check out our face and body art galleries, as well as our “Kid Artist Spotlight” on Thays Diaz. To top it all off, we’ve also given you some fun inspiration for cute, non-gory Halloween designs, and an awesome new step by step snake design!


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