12 mil Empty Body Glue Vial


12 mil vial, perfect for storing and using your Pros Aide for glitter tattoos and/or bling! There is a little rubber plug that will come attached to the cap/applicator. We ship the applicator loose from the vial, because it makes filling the vial easier…once you fill it, press the applicator in hard to set the plug into place and twist to tighten. The plug will remain attached inside the opening of the vial, and functions to help prevent spillage and to wipe excess adhesive off of the applicator each time you pull it out. Comes with one FREE pipette to make filling easier!! One pipette included with any order of one or more vials.

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Fill this 12ml (.4 oz) bottle with your favorite body glue for glitter tattoos! Comes with flocked doe foot applicator and wiper.


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