Amerikan Body Art Loose Cosmetic Glitter


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Metallic craft glitters are dangerous! Only cosmetic glitter is FDA approved for use on skin.

Our selection of cosmetic glitter by Amerikan Body Art is made from .008″ polyester, hexagonal particles.

Comes in 1/2 ounce poof bottles. Check out our glitter storage ideas for ways to store and organize your glitters!

Please understand that we do our best to represent colors on the screen, but all monitors are calibrated differently so colors may slightly vary.

Some glitters are more sheer, while others are more opaque. The more sheer/translucent glitters on face painting, but don’t show up as well for glitter tattoos. I recommend using more opaque glitters for glitter tattoos. These colors are more opaque and great for glitter tattoos: brilliant white, princess pink, red, tangerine, kiwi, emerald green, holographic turquoise, glacier blue, royal blue, canadian blue, midnight blue, grape soda, fuchsia, bronze, copper penny, brilliant gold, real silver, jet black. If you want a really bright and opaque yellow, pink and orange, I recommend our neon glitters by Art Factory.

The following colors look great over face paint designs, without covering up details, but don’t show up as bright on glitter tattoos: holographic white, rose, bubblegum pink, summer peach, lemon zest, limelicious sparkle, faerie wing, mystic blue, holographic gold, sparkling champagne, holographic silver.

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Holographic White, Brilliant White, Rose, Bubble Gum, Princess Pink, Red, Electric Orange, Tangerine, Summer Peach, Lemon Zest, Limelicious Sparkle, Faerie Wing, Holographic Turquoise, Emerald Green, Glacier Blue, Mystic Blue, Royal Blue, Canadian Blue, Grape Soda, Fuchsia, Bronze, Copper Penny, Brilliant Gold, Holographic Gold, Sparkling Champagne, Real Silver, Holographic Silver, Gunmetal, Starry Night, Jet Black, Midnight Blue, Kiwi, Holographic Rose Gold


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