Join me for an intensive workshop on dazzling jewelry!

I am so excited to be attending the Midwest Artists’ Xtravaganza in St. Louis, MO in Spring of 2023, and even more thrilled to have this opportunity to spend 2 hours helping you to create stunning, realistic jewelry designs that are sure to turn heads!

Why would you want to learn to paint realistic jewelry? Jewelry is my go-to design when the party planning mom sits in my chair and says, “Just make something pretty!” It is the perfect skill to not only “wow” your clients, but make them feel extra special when you customize something to complement their outfit. It also comes in very handy when you need to paint a gemstone encrusted princess crown but forgot your rhinestones at home!

This workshop will be a true workshop in every sense of the word…you will be working alongside me as we walk step by step through the creation of a realistic gemstone. We’ll then ground your gemstone with a setting and chain of your choice, and give it realistic shadows that make it appear to be sitting right on your skin!

Throughout this workshop you will learn some tips and tricks for creating tiny details quickly, spending seconds on details that appear to have taken hours, all the while picking up some valuable realism tips and techniques that can be applied to other subject matters as well.

Those of you who have been to my workshops in the past know that I am a very visual person! I love to create clear visuals to help my students grasp concepts. For this reason, technology cooperating, I will plan to have a projector displaying helpful visuals along the way (plus a hard copy backup just in case!), as well as helpful, full-color handouts to help your new skills sink in during and after the workshop. Each student who completes the workshop will also receive a certificate of achievement to recognize your dedication to improving your craft!

I can’t wait to see you there! But remember, space is limited to only 12 students, so book your spot today!

  • MAX 2023 Jewelry Workshop with Gretchen Fleener
    MAX 2023 Jewelry Workshop with Gretchen Fleener