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Paintertainment says Bye-bye to Paypal and Hello to Google!

For years we have been using Paypal as our exclusive payment processing method on However, I have had so many problems with them over the past couple years, that I have finally decided to make the switch to Google Payments system instead. It has taken me a while to figure out how to integrate the new system, but is now up and running with Google Payment buttons!

As customers, you can still check out using any major credit card like you could in the past. You just won’t be able to use a Paypal account balance. (Unless you have the Paypal credit card connected to it) I realize this may be a downside for some of you, however, I am now hoping to eliminate many other issues my customers have faced using Paypal in the past! I can also now offer coupon codes, which is a big plus for you!

As a fellow online merchant, if you’re interested in WHY I’m making the switch, my biggest problems with Paypal have been (and this is only a partial list):
1) When they changed their button designs and as a result my website was un-shoppable for DAYS while I waited for them to fix their problems.
2) Every now and then someone will place an order and Paypal won’t notify me…resulting in upset customers emailing me a month later wondering why their order is taking so long, really making me look bad when I pride myself on my customer service!
3) The shipping calculator kept allowing international orders to be entered with domestic shipping costs, resulting in extra work and payments for my international customers to correct and complete their orders.
4) They do not offer coupon codes…what’s up with that?! You would think that they would have that figured out in their many years of business, but no luck. I would like the ability to reward my customers with coupons.

As a merchant, the only downside so far that I can see is that I do not receive payments instantly, they will take days to reach my bank account. With Paypal it would drop right into my Paypal account, connected with my Paypal debit card, which I could use like any major credit card to make my own purchases. Hopefully Google will come out with something like this. However, I felt it much more important to try a system that will WORK for my customers!

I hope to incorporate a better international shipping calculator soon (currently I ask international customers to email me first for their custom shipping costs and an invoice), as well as offer coupon codes.

Thank you for your patience and understanding through my past Paypal issues and during this transition to Google…I welcome your comments and suggestions if you’ve tried either method on my site!