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Tuesday Tips at 10: Time Timer

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday!! This week I’m going to share this cool “Time Timer” that I use to let people know how long I’ll be gone if I’m going on a break! This is a great tool for those of you who work really long gigs or fairs/festivals solo.

Click here for time timers on Amazon!

To make that cover piece, I designed a graphic with a circle the size of the clock diameter, print it and cut that hole out. Then I laminated it, placing another printed cutout of my logo in the center, so it would all be one piece with a clear plastic window! Then I put some adhesive backed velcro on the bottom corners, left an extra laminate flap on the top, folded that over and duct taped it to the back. It works great and the cover helps keep kids from messing with my timer while I’m away. I used to use one of those “be back at” signs with a clock and moveable hands, but they just get played with!
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Tuesday Tips @ 1o: Flexible Banners

Happy Tuesday! Last week I did my tip LIVE via Facebook from inside my vehicle, which is why you did not get an email if you’re a blog subscriber! You can watch it here if you like!

This week I’m going to show you my super slick system for changing out the images and prices on my banners without having to pay to re-print them every year!

8.5″x11″ pockets:

3 sizes of pockets:

Website full of more pocket options:

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Throwback Thursday: My First Gig! (And First Kit!)

So this is quite the blast from the past…last weekend my mom gave me two old photos (yeah, the kind you had to wait to be developed from real film) from my first ever hourly paid gig on my own!

I’m wearing two different outfits because this was a weekend-long gig! My mom has her acrylic paintings printed and published by a company who was then called “Wild Wings,” based in Lake City, Minnesota. Every year they’d hold a “fall festival” at their headquarters where people could come and meet the artists and enjoy food, fun and the gorgeous fall colors of Minnesota!

I believe this would have been 1995 or so, when I had just started painting, because I didn’t have my own set of paints yet. In the bottom right corner of the first picture you can catch a glimpse of my first kit, which my Dad built for me for this gig!

My first face painting job was at an amusement park, which of course being in Minnesota only ran into the fall and then closed for the winter. My boss at this job provided all the makeup we used (Kryolan), so I didn’t have my own kit. I can’t recall if he let me take some of his paint for this job, or if that was the first time I started buying my own paints. The first paints I bought were purchased from a family friend who owned a costume shop at the time, and carried a small assortment of Kryolan makeup.

This little box my Dad built was designed to hold 10 plastic film containers (Yup, the kind that held film canisters those old photos were taken with!), because that was what we had on hand at home that was small and water tight! It has a drawer pull for a handle on one side, and a plexiglas sliding coverI think he did a great job with this kit…I still have it to date! I painted it with the same bright, primary colors that I use in my business branding today!

Back then when I started, we’d stir up our Kryolan paints with water to get them more liquid-y, so these deep pots worked just fine for my cheek art. Today of course I prefer larger cakes that I just activate with water as needed.

Anyway, I thought some of you might get a kick out of this little blast from the past and my humble beginnings! Heck, I’m still in my humble continue-ings if you ask me…I learn new things every day from all of the artists I get to interact with now online, at conventions, classes and jams…my how far our industry has come!

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Tuesday Tips @ 10: Brush Care!

Happy Tuesday! This week I’ll share with you my brush care best practices…this is how I have kept my brushes working their best for many years!

  • Brush Bath 4oz Refill Bottle
    Brush Bath 4oz Refill Bottle
  • Product on sale
    Brush Bath Set of two 4 oz Spray and Refill Bottle
    Brush Bath Set of two 4 oz Spray and Refill Bottle
  • Loew-Cornell Brush Tub II
    Loew-Cornell Brush Tub II
  • Heart Shaped Brush Cleaning Pad
    Heart Shaped Brush Cleaning Pad
  • Cameleon Brush Soap
    Cameleon Brush Soap
  • Ultimate Face Painting Brush Wallet by JestPaint
    Ultimate Face Painting Brush Wallet by JestPaint
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Tuesday Tips @ Ten: Organizing Design Menus

I have tried many different design menu options for display and organization. I’ve had huge magnetic menus with each design a magnet…I’ve had sign frames and stands with printed menus, and I’ve had menus as simple as a piece of laminated paper. In the end I keep going back to that easy-to-print and store, standard, letter sized piece of paper! This week I share with you how I organize and store my menus, and then a really fun way to use them if you watch to the end! Apologies for the technical difficulties I had this morning…so today’s tip was NOT posted at 10. But, here ya go!!

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2022 Year in Review

Happy new year!! I always love to look back on the previous year on new year’s day.

It’s SO hard to pick just one photo from each month, especially those summer months! But here are just a few highlights…

Window painting – My little covid pivot has really paid off this year, as I took on 4 brand new clients and got repeat work from my existing clients. Dunkin’ is definitely my biggest window client, and their locations grew from 4 to 6 stores this year, which now gives me about 24 painting jobs every year just from them! This year I did interior paint jobs, exterior, and vinyl!

The Glitter Glamper – The Glamper had a huge year!!! In May was our first year participating in the MN State Fair’s “Kickoff to Summer” over Memorial Day weekend. We were slammed for 5 days, and I believe this was the Glamper trailer’s foot in the door to landing our new fair location, as shortly after I was offered a huge, new space to park the trailer in August at the MN State Fair! In between the two, the Glamper set up camp at Interlachen Country Club (our 2nd year with the Glamper there) for the 4th of July, and we also set up at the Carver County Fair for 5 days in early August. This was the year I really got to see my Photoshopped renderings of this Glitter Glamper concept turn to reality!

Private Sessions – I love painting for private sessions! I don’t do a lot of them but when I do they are SO much fun. This year I got to paint Rachel’s belly for the 2nd time, this time with a super cute “Up” theme! I also had the opportunity to paint Diane to complete her jester costume for Halloween!

County Fair – This year’s Carver County fair was like no other! I was able to bring in the Glamper and set it up right outside the building where my face painting booth has always been, and bringing in some of my amazing team of artists to help, I was able to juggle two booths at once! I had SO much fun having friends with me (normally I work alone here), and my boys got a chance to run the cash registers too!

MY AMAZING TEAM! – In looking back at my year’s worth of hundreds of photos, my favorites are always those of the amazing artists and family members without who’s help I would most certainly NOT be able to pull ANY of this off! Thank you all for doing such amazing work in sometimes very challenging scenarios, but always with smiles on your faces! You all make my job SO much fun and I am SO INCREDIBLY thankful for each and every one of you! Here’s to many more adventures in 2023!

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Introducing: Tuesday Tips at Ten!

If you follow me on social media, you’re already way ahead of me here! It just dawned on me that I have failed to include my blog in the locations where I’m now sharing tips every Tuesday! SO, I’m going to take this opportunity to introduce my new “thing” to my blog readers here and get you all caught up!

Basically, every Tuesday at 10:00 am central time, I am going to be sharing some sort of tip with you! It could be face paint related or something for other art forms like balloons, glitter tattoos, etc. It could be a business tip. Some might be mind blowing, some might be “well duh, I already knew that!” But my goal is to share as many tips as I can come up with, and I hope that at least a few of them help you out in some way! I’ll try to keep them roughly 2 minutes long, give or take, but it’ll depend on the tip of course. Quick and helpful is my goal!

I started on Tuesday, November 22nd so there are a few already out there. I’ll post them below! And from here on out, I’ll try to remember to post these here on the blog so you don’t miss any if you are a blog subscriber! You also should be able to find these on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

SO, watch, subscribe, and enjoy! Please do comment if you find any of these useful…it helps me to know if I’m sharing good stuff or not! 😉 And if YOU have a great tip to share, send it our way! I’d love to share your tips too, and of course give YOU credit!

Thanks so much and happy painting!

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Rekindling your Creative Fire

This article was taken from the Spring 2021 issue of Wet Paint Magazine. We thought it was still very relevant as we approach the 2 year anniversary of pandemic shutdowns! Check out the full issue for a ton of springtime design inspiration, step-by-step’s, and more articles about getting back to work post-covid, some covid-friendly designs that work around masks and on arms & legs, and tips for ways to connect with your clients, among much more!

Spring 2021….

Has this pandemic caused you to lose your creative “mojo?” I’ve seen so many artists on social media who are down, depressed, and feeling hopeless. Many of us have not even touched our face paints since last March! I, for one, just recently passed the one year anniversary of my last face painting gig, and it was definitely not an anniversary I want to celebrate. 

As face painters, having all of our gigs canceled hits us hard in other ways beyond the financial. We have become accustomed to delivering joy, being the life of the party, and having the satisfaction of creating more smiles per hour than most other careers. When that joy that we thrive on is taken from our jobs, it is easy to get down. Money can be earned in other ways, but the joy and satisfaction that comes from our jobs is much harder to replace. Many artists are even announcing that they are selling their kits and giving up face painting. I would like to encourage you today not to jump to that point just yet!

My suggestion, if you are just not feelin’ it with the face paints, is to not sell everything, but set it aside for now. So many people out there would do just about anything to have a fulfilling job like we have, and that gift is not something we should let go of easily. It is still way too early to predict any lasting effects that the pandemic will have on our industry. Instead, whether you are taking up another way to make money or not, seek out even more creative outlets! 

But what if you aren’t even feeling creative anymore? After all, the more creativity you use, the more you have, and if you’re not painting, chances are your creative “bucket” has run dry. How do you refill it? 

The key to getting your creative fire rekindled is to not require your passion to pay the bills…at least not for a little while. To rekindle our own fires, we need to focus on ourselves, using our talents to bring joy to ourselves, not necessarily to make money. Think of it like reverting back to childhood, when you made art just because it was fun and enjoyable. Removing that pressure to pay the bills from your passion alone will light a spark.

Even the genius Albert Einstein often found himself “stuck” now and then, unsure of what to do next or how to get past a roadblock. He did, however, discover an ingenious way to open up his mind to new ideas when he found himself in this situation. He called it “combinatory play.” When Einstein was stuck, he would stop working, set aside the problem, and go play his violin for a couple hours, inevitably resulting in new ideas and a way to move forward. He defined combinatory play as “the act of opening up one mental channel by dabbling in another.” Essentially, combinatory play means taking two unrelated things and putting them together to create new ideas. The key to combinatory play is to just do something else…as long as it is different, and most importantly, you are enjoying it and having fun! It doesn’t have to be face painting, and it doesn’t even have to be painting. It can be playing an instrument like Einstein did, working in your garden, a physical activity, or learning about a new subject. 

Why does this work? Einstein believes that combinatory play relieves some stress, for one thing. Again, removing the stress of the expectation to make money, leaves only fun and exploration. It also allows your creative mind to start connecting dots between ideas, creating totally new ideas that you may never have stumbled across had you kept forcing your way through the problem.  Combinatory play also offers a change of perspective. Doing something else gives you a mental break, and in turn, a fresh eye.

Now, many of you have found other ways to use your creativity to pivot your business, still bringing in money in other creative ways. If this is working for you, please don’t stop! I myself have been having fun and making some money painting windows and now offering virtual paint parties (on canvas)! Keep doing whatever is working for you, but if you find yourself still not feeling fulfilled, or not even in the mood to pick up a brush, give some combinatory play a try.

Besides my own creative business pivots, I’ve also been dabbling in other things, solely for myself without the pressure of monetary performance. I’ve been doing some painting on canvas and rocks, and have even started learning Spanish! In previous issues I’ve featured some ways other artists are pivoting their business, but in this issue I’d like to set aside the work aspect of our creativity and focus on play.

I started painting vintage campers in 2021 and am about to start my 11th!
I took up dot painting on rocks in 2021…so fun and relaxing!
One of my early rock paintings!

I will be the first to admit it can be hard to carve out the time for creative play, even when Covid has taken away all of your gigs. I’ve been working non stop since the shutdowns last March, exploring multiple pivots for my business and other ways to bring in revenue. It wasn’t until nearly a year later that I finally forced myself to slow down and accept the gift of time that Covid has given me, carving out some time for combinatory play.

I live in Minnesota, and we really know how to get out and enjoy winter. However, with both of our boys doing distance learning and my husband working from home as well, this winter my family and I decided to spend the month of February somewhere warmer. We loaded up the truck with our stuff, our boys, and our great dane “Wahoo,” got up early one Saturday morning, and drove 19 hours straight through until we reached our Airbnb on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi! We were set to stay there for a full month, and I vowed to pack more art supplies than clothes, and spend time during the week days making art while my guys were working. I packed up my acrylic and watercolor paints, and all the empty canvases that have been collecting dust in my studio for years.

Our route…non stop to the coast!
The snowy views we left behind
Wahoo & Sam in the truck

My self inflicted artistic sabbatical did not disappoint! With temperatures warm enough to go outside, I made myself at home on a little table on the deck facing the backyard bayou, and set to work making whatever I felt like. I even did a short Facebook Live video on my Paintertainment page about combinatory play. Whatever crazy ideas came to me, I acted upon. I loved the shape of the fallen magnolia pods in the yard, and thought they might be fun to make colorful, so I painted them. I collected gnarly oyster shells on the gulf shores and adorned them with colors using my dot painting tools. I painted countless sunset scenes on mini canvases, finishing them off with glitter on the water and real gulf shore sand glued on the shoreline. I painted sunsets with silhouettes of seagulls, egrets and pelicans on the insides of oyster shells, and on fallen palm tree fronds. I made watercolor paintings of the things we’d seen on our weekend adventures, and acrylic paintings of my favorite vintage campers in fantasy camping settings. 

Paint magnolia pods? Why not?!
A few mini’s
oyster shells are everywhere!

I fully realize that not everybody has the luxury of being able to run away to another state for a month. But in the process of fighting the pressure to once again monetize my passions, I did learn a few tidbits that can be applied to just about any artist in some way…

Carve Out The Time

This can be the toughest part…making the decision to be intentional about rekindling your fire by setting aside precious time to do so. Start with what you can, even if it’s just one hour a week. Maybe try to set aside one DAY a week to work on something fun and new. If you can swing it, look ahead at your calendar and carve out an entire weekend! It was scary for me to set aside 4 weeks…so I was flexible with myself. The weekends would be dedicated to family fun, and I would still set a goal to complete my most urgent business to-do’s every morning and run needed errands, but any other time while my family was working would be spent making art. Even with all of the fun vacation-y things we did on weekends on the gulf, I still found myself actually looking forward to my art time during the week and whatever I was going to make next!

Shrimp boat
I referenced a photo I took for this one.
The little backyard deck table I spent most of my days at in February 2021!

Change your scenery

Changing your surroundings can really help to give your mind a break from the day-to-day, and allow creative ideas to come into view. Even if you are still strictly following stay-at-home orders, you can change your viewpoint by going to a local park and setting up space at a picnic table, or even changing what room of your house you’re in or rearranging your current creative space. Perhaps you can even find a family member or friend in your Covid bubble and visit each other, or swap houses for an afternoon! Eager for inspiration beyond your immediate surroundings? Try immersing yourself in another culture with some visual research, or seek out virtual online tours of beautiful places. If you’re able to take a weekend or day trip, that’s even better! You don’t have to travel to the other side of the world, the country, or your state. Just put yourself in a different setting, look around and take it in.  Just don’t forget to allow yourself to creatively respond to your change in scenery in some way, or you may miss out on the new ideas it brings. When I wasn’t sure what to “make” first on my trip, I painted random colors on found objects, and scenes from my surroundings. Each Monday I would scroll through my camera roll from the weekend, and paint some of the pictures I found Instagram-worthy!

Painting on fallen palm tree fronds
Tiny paintings are fast & fun!
I love my traveling watercolor set!


Our worlds exist online more now than ever, which means we need to have analog experiences more than ever! Yes, there is a LOT of inspiration to be found online, and social media can be a great place to kick start new ideas. However, especially when you’re feeling down or depleted, it can also be a great source of procrastination, distraction, and unhealthy comparison. If you suspect this is the case for you, try turning off your computer, or closing your social media apps for a while. I’m not suggesting you go on a year long Facebook fast…just try spending even one hour, hopefully more, doing nothing digital. Listen to some music. Read a hard copy of a book or magazine. Go outside for a walk. Try a new recipe. Step outside and visit with a real, live neighbor or two. Take a nap! Whatever it is, give your brain a rest from screens and interact with the physical world. Keep your creative eyes and ears open, and try to act on the first crazy idea that pops into your head! Which brings me to my next suggestion…

Swinging on vines
Going for a walk at a park
immerse yourself in nature!

Say YES to crazy ideas!

The best part about making art only for yourself, is that you don’t have to run anything by anybody, or convince anyone else that your idea is worth trying!  I mentioned that I painted on magnolia pods while spending time down south. I had no idea what they even were until some Facebook friends told me. I thought they looked neat and had a unique shape, and my first thought was “this might look cool painted with bright colors!” So, I picked it up, got out my paints and tried it! 

The more often you act on those funny little ideas that come to you, the more often they will come to you, and the easier it will be to find that natural flow of new ideas. As business owners with busy schedules, we tend to set aside many of the ideas that pop into our heads, because we have other more pressing things to do. But by giving your idea some legs as soon as it comes to you, you are telling those ideas that they are welcome, that they can come any time, and that they will be heard and acted upon.

Discovering magnolia pods
Painting shells
Gluing sand and shells to canvas

Restrict Yourself

Perhaps the possibilities are just too endless when you think of ways to “play.” There are just too many books you want to read, or too many blank canvases in your studio to know where to begin. Instead of completely freeing yourself to do anything, try the opposite, and restrict yourself! Make yourself paint with your non-dominant hand, or using only one or two colors. Give yourself a limited task, whether it’s materials, time, or subject matter. Sometimes limiting your resources can force yourself to get creative in ways you never would have thought. You can even limit yourself to subject matters you would like to improve upon! 

I decided to force myself to paint clouds, which I feel I am not good at. I spent some time watching a few YouTube tutorials on clouds, and while I still wasn’t totally happy with my result, I learned some new techniques, added more tools to my shopping list, and had a lot of fun in the process! I also limited the size of most of my work, bringing along canvases as small as 2”x2” square. This forced me to complete pieces in less time, focusing less on the tiny details. Some days I only allowed myself 5 or 10 minutes to paint something in my watercolor sketchbook. I found myself loving the style that came from a time restriction!

Ugh, I hate painting clouds!
Tiny canvases only!
Tiny watercolor sketchbook

Consult a Kid

Remember when I mentioned how combinatory play takes us back to childhood, when we made art just for fun? If you have trouble taking your mindset back to childhood, consult an expert: a kid! Pull aside your own kid, your grandkids, or neighbor kids, and ask them what they think about what you’re working on. Ask them what you should make/paint/do next. Ask them to show YOU how to draw something. Or better yet, get out the finger paints and just play right along with them! Kids have that innate ability to think outside of the box, because they haven’t yet moved into one. They don’t carry with them all of the preconceived notions and limitations that adults do, which makes them particularly great at allowing limitless creativity to flow.

Fight the urge to monetize everything

Ironically in this pursuit of painting just for my own enjoyment last month, as I shared my work on social media I found myself having to fight off requests for commissions and people telling me “you could sell these!” I had to explain to several family members and friends that I had spent the majority of my life trying to monetize my art, and I was currently just trying to paint for myself, for fun! I may explore some of those opportunities down the road, but for this one month, my art was off limits!

My only goal during my time in Mississippi was simple. Make art. Make more art than I ever do at home, only for fun. Fill as many of the blank canvases I’ve been hoarding as possible in the time I had. There were no quality requirements…only quantity. And that, I believe, is what revived my own creativity, and sent me home with loads of new inspiration and ideas!

If you have the means to create some art just for fun, while paying the bills in other ways, I encourage you to do so. Setting aside your creative endeavors all together can quickly result in your ideas drying up as much as my festival glitter did over the past year…it’s rock hard! However, neither your festival glitter nor your creative juices are too far gone. In the case of my festival glitter, adding water brought it right back to it’s original splendor. Keeping your creative juices flowing, even through a dry spell, will help you stay skilled and clever, and make you all the more ready to jump right back into the profession that you love, just as soon as we come out the other side of this pandemic!

One Year Later…

So, this article above was published nearly a year ago now, and as I look back I can still see the positive effects of my “forced creative sabbatical.” While I am certain I made more “just-for-fun” art in my one month in Mississippi than I had in 10 years prior combined, I didn’t stop once I got home, as I feared I might. Realizing how much joy just making art brought to me, and how much it fueled my creativity in my business as well, I made it a point to keep carving out time for art with other mediums. On this trip I created my first vintage camper painting, and 1 year later I am not working on my 12th camper painting. I’ve continued to enjoy rock painting and share this new hobby with friends, and this winter have taken up paper quilling as well! My hope is that now that we are coming up on year two of this pandemic, that you too have been able to re-evaluate and re-prioritize how you spend your time. And if you haven’t yet, it’s not too late! Look back at what has brought you the most enjoyment over the past two years (not necessarily the most income), and figure out a way to work it back into your schedule. You just might discover an entirely new passion, make new friends who share that passion, and see the positive creative effects trickle down into your business as well!

paper quilling!
One of my camper paintings
A christmas camper painting!

Gretchen Fleener is the editor of Wet Paint Magazine, and also runs, and online face & body art supply shop and source of oh-so-much free instruction and inspiration. Find her on Facebook and Instagram  @PaintertainmentDotCom, @GlitterGlamper and @GretchenFleenerArtist.

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Happy New Year! 2021 Year in Review

Okay, I totally admit this post is more for myself than anything…I had a monthly photo collage pop up in my Facebook memories today and thought I’d do another one on this, the first day of 2022! I love to look back and reflect on my business over the past year, and this is as good a day as any to do that! I always find it uplifting to look back at the new experiences I’ve had, skills learned, friends and memories made, especially now in the midst of a pandemic that can get us all down! If you are feeling like you didn’t accomplish as much as you wanted in 2021, first of all, so what! It’s okay to rest!! But, try taking a look back at your past year, whether it’s scrolling through your calendar or looking back at the year’s social media posts. You just might find that you’ve done way more than you thought…I know I certainly did!

Here are just a few highlights of my past business year!

January 2021

In January I held my first ever paint party…”Starry Night Camping,” through the Glitter Glamper! The subject matter was a perfect one to bring together glitter, glamping and painting. It was a great success, and I really hope to do more of these! I also tried to get more into Facebook Live’s in general, and had a blast doing a couple fun tutorials. I showed people how to make a glittery brush holder, and how to make over a Dollar Tree camper decoration!

February 2021

In February, on one chilly day with a -50 degree F wind chill, my distance-learning and remote-working family and I loaded up the truck and drove south, non-stop, until we ran out of road, where we spent a full month in an Air BNB within walking distance to Gulf of Mexico! We will likely never again have that chance to do school & work entirely via the internet, and I’m so glad we carpe’d that diem! I brought nothing but blank canvases and art supplies, and this kicked off a year where I created more “recreational” art than any other year of my life…definitely more than I have in the past 15 years combined. It refueled my creativity and refreshed my soul!

March 2021

In March we waved goodbye to I had fun doing a Facebook live tutorial for Smile Creators of a St Patrick’s day themed gem design! It’s also the month of my birth, when I turned 40-something…I honestly can never remember my own age. Maybe because age doesn’t seem to mean much to me these days, or maybe I’m getting senile already.

April 2021

In April I landed my first repeat business window painting customer, a chain of local Dunkin’ Donuts stores! I did a similar design on all three store locations, scaled to fit their windows. Since then I’ve been painting these three stores seasonally all year, each one with a unique image, and this month will be painting “coming soon” and “now hiring” messages on their newest location! It has been SO much fun working with Dunkin and creating unique windows to fit with the seasons and their business!

May 2021

In May I held my 2nd successful zoom paint party, in response to a previous student’s request to paint birch trees! It was great fun!

June 2021

In June I got back to doing henna again, masked of course, for my fabulous agent friend Lori’s business, A Touch of Magic! It felt great to get back to celebrating in person, and it’s always so fun to work with the new graduates and feel their excitement for the future! I had a great time updating more Dunkin’ windows, and also used water resistant face paints for the first time ever at a mermaid themed country club pool party!

July 2021

July was a big month for the Glitter Glamper…it was her gig debut! I spent all spring and early summer getting the Glamper trailer ready to be used on the job, and the 4th of July was her maiden voyage! With my husband and boys’ help, I got her set up at Interlachen Country Club and almost immediately people were drawn to the trailer and wanted a peek inside! It was unbearably hot, windy, and a supreme example of organized chaos, but was SO exciting, fun and a HUGE hit! I can’t wait to do it again! This was also the debut of my latest offering, “Sparkle Sleeves!”

August 2021

August is always the busiest time of year for my business, with the exception of 2020 of course! It was so great to get back to the county fair painting faces, and the state fair as the Glitter Glamper! The county fair was my best year ever, and despite the state fair’s huge drop in attendance, our business did not drop nearly as much and we enjoyed countless return customers who vividly remembered their 2019 experience and came straight for us this year! The future is very bright for the Glitter Glamper Booth at the MN State Fair!

September 2021

In September I had the joy of spending a day working in my friend Tricia’s awesome new “Sparkle Fox” business operation at Severs Corn Maze, affectionately known as the “Sparkle Shed!” We were super busy and I had SO much fun!! I am SO proud of the amazing work she did pulling it all together in so little time and can’t wait to see what she does with it in 2022…much like my own journey with my hurried start to the Glamper!

October 2021

October was a fun, full month between my seasonal window painting refreshes, and Halloween events coming back! The Glitter Glamper was quite busy applying Halloween bling at fall events, Halloween parties and birthday parties! I also brought out my balloons again and did some Halloween twisting at country club event!

November 2021

In the fall/winter of 2021 I was so excited to have the Glitter Glamper featured in my favorite magazine, Vintage Camper Trailers Magazine! How fun!! I shared photos and the process of transforming it into a business vehicle, and also photos of our first weekend actually camping in it as a family!

December 2021

I was just SO happy to get back to painting Christmas designs again this year, after a year with no Christmas gigs! My son Sam, now 14, let me do another Ugly Christmas Sweater body paint on him for my business holiday cards. I had several fun Christmas gigs, and my first ever New Year’s Eve gig! What a fun way to close out the year!

I wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!!