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Dakota County Fair 2011 Recap!

Just yesterday my 14th Dakota County Fair week came to a close!  This year I didn’t blog as much because I couldn’t get the wifi to work there on my laptop.  And, by the time I got home at 11:30 pm, I was just too wiped to download, edit, and post pics!  But, now that I’ve had a chance to do that, I thought I’d share a few photos from the week.

 This photo above is me painting my 3.5 year old Sammy.  Behind me is my husband Wayde and our littlest, 1.5 year old Toby! My boys came along for the booth set-up and tear-down.  I couldn’t do the fair without my husband, who takes care of the boys while I’m there and is always super supportive of my business ventures! Also my mom, who took this photo, and splits up the days painting at the booth too, and my dad, who was a big help with tear-down night this year!

I actually enjoy some of the slow times during the fair days, because it gives me a chance to try out new ideas on my own arm and hands. Here are a few that I did this year…

The chicken was really fun!  I’ll let you all in on a little secret…I’ve been working on a new step-by-step book of really fun hand designs.  It’s almost ready to go to print, and will be available in the book section of my online store soon!

 Angry Birds were very popular new designs this year.  I thought I’d take it up a notch on my own arm, since I could work on it slowly between customers, and did this full scene above.

 Having a little fun with some paisley print!

Thought I’d try a full-body unicorn.  Usually I do a head/neck design on my board, but once I had this one on my arm, I did have a customer request it on hers too!

Another fun hand design!

For 2011 I added a nice display book of hand animals and full face designs.  Here are a few…

 Barbie eyes…always so freaky!  I had to take her photo to show her what it looks like since, for obvious reasons, you can’t just look at yourself in the mirror!

“Cheek Art” designs are what I do the most of by far, whether they are actually on the cheek or somewhere else on the body, like the arm…

 Many thanks to everyone who let me take their photo for my sample board!  I have a big board of photos in my display and people have fun looking for themselves the following year.  I always have fun seeing kids who are little on the board coming back as teenagers!
I’ll end the post with my cute, curly-headed little Toby.  Like many of the kids who stop by my booth, he loves my big mirror stand!
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First “Hand Design” at the Fair!

The 2011 Dakota County Fair is in full swing!!  Rollie Brandt kicked off Paintertainment’s 14th year yesterday in our booth just inside Exhibit Hall South (aka “Building 22”).  This year we have a whole new selection of full-face designs, as well as some really fun hand designs!  We haven’t done any full face designs yet, but will post when we do…here’s one fun hand design that Rollie did yesterday: a horse!  The initials are from this horse’s name.  These hand designs are super fun for kids as they can turn them into little puppets and make them talk.

Rollie will be out there at the booth all day today, and Gretchen will be painting tomorrow.  Come on out to the fair and see us…I don’t think the weather has been more perfect in my 14 years at the fair!

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Dakota County Fair 2010 Comes To A Close…

Another Dakota County Fair has sadly come to a close!  I had a great time painting again this year. 

It’s definitely harder for me now that I have 2 kids, plus one who is still nursing, to be gone so much. But, I am very thankful to have had my mom painting with me again this year, so I could spend a few half-days and a full week day with my boys, knowing the booth was in EXCELLENT hands!

This year was our 2nd least profitable year…I think it was a combination of the extremely hot weather and the not-so-hot economy. Regardless, I always am glad I did it in the end.  While it makes me feel a little old, it’s fun to paint kids in 4th or 5th grade who have been painted every year since they were old enough to sit still!  It’s also a lot of fun to see faces from my past.  Every year is like a class/family reunion, spending a week in the county where I grew up.

For my last day at the fair, I decorated my arm with this eagle…a new design this year.  I added in the flag ribbon thingy.  😉

In addition to my fabulous artist mom, I couldn’t do this without my super supportive husband.  He really IS supportive, literally, as you can see here…supporting our 7 month old and my boards, tearing down the booth Sunday night!

He takes time off from his very demanding job as a director to be with our boys when I’m at the fair.  He even drove us from Ohio back to Minnesota for the fair every year for the 4 years we lived out there.  He does everything he can to support my business ventures, and I am so grateful!

I’ll close off my last county fair post for the year with a few shots that I took around the fair!