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Dakota County Fair 2010 Comes To A Close…

Another Dakota County Fair has sadly come to a close!  I had a great time painting again this year. 

It’s definitely harder for me now that I have 2 kids, plus one who is still nursing, to be gone so much. But, I am very thankful to have had my mom painting with me again this year, so I could spend a few half-days and a full week day with my boys, knowing the booth was in EXCELLENT hands!

This year was our 2nd least profitable year…I think it was a combination of the extremely hot weather and the not-so-hot economy. Regardless, I always am glad I did it in the end.  While it makes me feel a little old, it’s fun to paint kids in 4th or 5th grade who have been painted every year since they were old enough to sit still!  It’s also a lot of fun to see faces from my past.  Every year is like a class/family reunion, spending a week in the county where I grew up.

For my last day at the fair, I decorated my arm with this eagle…a new design this year.  I added in the flag ribbon thingy.  😉

In addition to my fabulous artist mom, I couldn’t do this without my super supportive husband.  He really IS supportive, literally, as you can see here…supporting our 7 month old and my boards, tearing down the booth Sunday night!

He takes time off from his very demanding job as a director to be with our boys when I’m at the fair.  He even drove us from Ohio back to Minnesota for the fair every year for the 4 years we lived out there.  He does everything he can to support my business ventures, and I am so grateful!

I’ll close off my last county fair post for the year with a few shots that I took around the fair!