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Tuesday Tips at 10: Time Timer

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday!! This week I’m going to share this cool “Time Timer” that I use to let people know how long I’ll be gone if I’m going on a break! This is a great tool for those of you who work really long gigs or fairs/festivals solo.

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To make that cover piece, I designed a graphic with a circle the size of the clock diameter, print it and cut that hole out. Then I laminated it, placing another printed cutout of my logo in the center, so it would all be one piece with a clear plastic window! Then I put some adhesive backed velcro on the bottom corners, left an extra laminate flap on the top, folded that over and duct taped it to the back. It works great and the cover helps keep kids from messing with my timer while I’m away. I used to use one of those “be back at” signs with a clock and moveable hands, but they just get played with!