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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I am hoping there are a lot of happily painted faces out there today, as I know I’ve sent out several rushed overnight paint orders through my site this past week!

I enjoyed volunteering my face painting services again this year for my church’s “pumpkin party” last night…here are a few pics!

I even got to paint a mustache and curly chest hairs on “Wesley” from the Princess Bride:

Here’s a shot of my little 22 month old dinosaur, checking out Mommy’s paints! He was the first painting of the day, with snoopy on his hand!

It’s been a long 2 months since I ended my frenzy of summer face painting gigs, so I was surprised to be reminded how hard it is to paint while 6 months pregnant, especially when I set my paints on my rapidly disappearing lap! I am due in January…hopefully I’ll make it through my upcoming December gigs! I did take advantage of my big belly today though, and painted it up like a jack-o-lantern! 🙂

Hope you all had a great Halloween!