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Now Available: Build-Your-Own Palette!

I am excited to announce that you can now create your OWN custom Kryolan paint palette set at Paintertainment!  This is something that several of my wonderful customers have requested over the years.  You can now purchase an empty tin paint case, in the 12 or 6 color size, and then order refills for whatever colors or paint types you’d like. 

Get only the colors you want and need…now you can mix and match between the basic colors, the interferenz paints, the shiny metallics, and the UV Dayglow paints (that glow under black light)!

If you’d REALLY like to get specific and customized with your palette, I also have just the empty paint holders available for $1 as well.  These are the containers that the refills come in, with the clear lids.  However, you can mix up your own colors and press them into these containers, or if you want to save money on refills, purchase the 2.5 ounce paint size as your stock of paint and refill these as needed from there to keep your palette full!