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Liquid Bling Now Available on Paintertainment!

I’m thrilled to announce the arrival of another one of many new products coming to Amerikan Body Art’s Liquid Bling!


Liquid Bling has become the clear favorite 3-dimensional glitter product of professional face and body artists.  Made of a combination of pure aloe and cosmetic grade glitter, Liquid Bling dries with a 3-dimensional effect and is fantastic for adding the look of gems or outlines that really pop!

We now carry the 5 most popular colors of Liquid Bling, in both .5 oz bottles and 2 oz refill bottles.  The .5 oz bottles are $5.99, and the large 2 oz refill bottles are $9.99.

The .5 oz applicator bottles come in a little plastic bag with a metal tip.  The tip is to be placed on the bottle only during use, and it is recommended that you remove it and wash it between usage, replacing the plastic cap back on the bottle.

I have heard from other artists who use this product that it is helpful to keep a pin in the tip (with a large head so it doesn’t fall in of course) between customers.  This helps prevent the tip from clogging with glitter.  The tip can be soaked in warm water to clean at the end of your day.

I am super excited to start using this liquid bling, especially in my upcoming Christmas events!  Are you a fan of Liquid Bling? If so, I’d love to see and share photos of your work! I hope to post photos of this in use as soon as I have some.  Until then, happy bling-ing!