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Carver County Fair 2013 Recap

This year marked my first year at the Carver County Fair!!  It was a GREAT week.  The weather was awesome, business was booming, and I was really pleasantly surprised by how wonderful ALL of my customers were!

Booth set-up day! The boys were really good while I spent about an hour setting things up.  Especially being that we had just found out my littlest one has Lyme’s disease and his special order meds were due to arrive later that day!

The booth all set up!  So glad we got another outer corner like we’ve had at the Dakota fair previously, so I could still use my banner with the cute airbrush art my sister did.

The commercial building….as you can see, the banner is nice and visible from the outside!

My Princess castle design!

New cupcake design this year!  This was a super adorable yet super wiggly little boy but still turned out okay!

Monster High skull!

Purple flower – oldie but goodie!

Another oldie but goodie that’s always been popular with the boys!

My mom painted all day Thursday! My boys and I went with her in the AM to show her the ropes of the new fair and then I got to enjoy the fair with the kids too!

Quick stop in the poultry barn for a little inspiration….

Toby petting a miniature horse – they have an AWESOME free petting zoo complete with monkeys, a kangaroo and camel!

Petting the sheep!

 Friday through Sunday it was back to work for me! Here are a few paintings from rest of the fair…

I always love to paint my arm at the fair.  This one was inspired by a design on my shirt.

One stroke ice cream cone on my leg

I entered some art in the fair this year! Here’s one of my acrylic paintings on display.

Another arm painting

Hummingbird arm design
Cheek art!

My arm on the last day…

Got to paint a logo on the woman at the Lions Club booth! 🙂

One stroke rose cheek art

Vikings logo

First attempt at a “mini muzzle” style cat!

Horse cheek art – always popular at the fair!

Double dip flower eye design

My owl this year

Got to paint the fair’s mascot “Tippy the Cow” on a member of the fair board of directors! 😉

Painting my own leg!

 Many thanks to the Carver County Fair for welcoming me this year!  Thanks so much to all of the wonderful people who stopped by to get painted…I hope to be a new annual tradition for your families for years to come!  And last but not least, thank you to my mom for manning the booth on Thursday, and my fabulous husband for being so supportive and playing “mister Mom” for a weekend!

My wonderful husband who came by to help me load up my booth the last day of the fair!