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Balloon Fun at Great Grandpa’s!

Tonight I had the pleasure of twisting balloons at my Grandpa Harvey’s memory care facility for their Christmas party!  I did it last year too and had a lot of fun! This year, however, I had a fabulous little helper! My 6 year old (almost 7) Sam got to try out his first “gig!”  I gave him his own little apron, pump, and balloons, and he made lots of balloon dogs and swords!  We had a great time making everyone feel like a kid again!

Me and my little guys

mistletoe hat!

My Mom & Dad!

My wonderful little helper and his balloon dog!

Sam came up with this hat on his own!

Santas! (My grandpa on the right)

Toby having a sword fight with Great Grampa Harvey

This lady just loves to play with the boys whenever we visit! She was chasing Toby around and he was going at her with his two swords! 🙂
My Grandma & Dad with Santa