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365 Day Celebrate Challenge: July Recap!

Another month down!! The beginning of July marked the official surpassing of the half way point in my 365 day challenge! Woohoo!! 

 This was a tough month as I was so busy with everything that summer brings…including a 10 day family road trip! So, I had to paint ahead and schedule posts to make sure I didn’t miss a day.  I was able to paint my boys more this month too, being that they are out of school!

Here are a few of my July favorites!

stay out of the sun day!

independence day!

Kissing day
strawberry sundae day

shark awareness day

snake day

hot dog day

chocolate & peanut butter day

thread the needle day

All or nothing day

August will be another challenging month as I have my annual county fair, among other gigs and family camping trips! But, I’m excited to see what fun themes August brings…stay tuned!!

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Celebrate Day 205: “Drive Through Day!”

Happy drive through day! Sometimes my face painting chair can feel like a drive through window during those super crazy busy gigs, haha!  For this one I laid down a background with a Superior Sunset cake, and added the neon lights with some liquid bling! Scroll down to see it under blacklight!

After I finished this I thought it would be fun to see if any of the bright glitter gels glow under blacklight.  The yellow did not but the electric orange and pink really did make it look like real neon! Hmmm…little bit of new knowledge to tuck away for future paintings!!

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