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Celebration Challenge: October Recap!

Woohoo! Another month of fun challenges is complete, and I’ve even surpassed day 300 this month! Here are all of this month’s paintings:

I had a lot of challenging subjects this month, and as always, some turned out much better than others! Some I spent maybe 1-2 minutes on, others much longer. But, the important thing is always that I kept painting, and didn’t let my disappointment in any of my quick designs keep me from sharing.  So, I guess you could say the challenge is successfully challenging me!

Here are larger images of just a few of this month’s favorites!

Plush Animal Lovers’ Day!
Mad Hatter Day!
Octopus Day!
Maths Day

Steve Jobs Day

Playing Card Collection Day

Cat Day

Let’s see what my last two months bring!! Thanks for swinging by, and happy painting!