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Nemo Themed Belly Painting!

I had such an amazing time this morning, painting a beautiful belly!! And what a FUN and colorful theme…I LOVE Nemo!! Here area a few photos from this fun session!

I always send my clients a sketch of their design idea first. Sometimes it’s a drawing, and sometimes I paint on the back of my practice head and take a photo, but in this case my “sketch” was all digital. I compiled 5 different images from Google to create this overall scene:

Digital “sketch” and reference photos 
Below are a few photos of the progression of the design! It’s really important to start by roughly sketching the design while your model is STANDING, and THEN allow them to sit for the painting. Otherwise, if you draw a nice circle while she’s sitting, it turns into an oval when she stands up for the final photos. I never fail to forget this vital step until after my models are already sitting in the chair…sigh…sorry, mommas! Haha! You can see though in the photos below how the design looks a little squished in the progress shots (sitting down) but looks good in the final, standing pics.

The mirror moment…my favorite! 😀

This one turned out SO fun and colorful.  It’s hard to find a really nice, bright orange, but for Nemo I combined a little of my Global UV orange with my regular Paradise orange to give it some more pop.

The blues in the background are a combination of FAB’s awesome shimmers (Ziva blue & snow petrol). I used some Global dark blue for the deep, darker areas and Paradise light blue & white for the sun rays. I topped it off with just a touch of Pixie Paint to add some sparkle in the bubbles! 🙂

Everyone always asks how long they take to paint but time always gets away from me….bellies are my favorite to paint so I easily lose track of time! This one I was painting for a little over an hour and a half or so. But I easily could have kept going, haha! Time flies when you’re having fun!

For more info on my belly paintings, or if you’re interested in having one done yourself, check out my belly painting page!

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4th of July Design Inspiration!

I thought I’d go back through my photos from years past and put together a collection of 4th of July inspiration pics! Here are some ideas to share! I will continue to add to this blog post and keep it as a sortof master file of all my own 4th of July designs!

As you’re getting psyched up for your 4ht of July events, don’t forget to check out our Patriotic Shop, which includes all the goodies you need for your upcoming events in one convenient place!

Here’s a step by step video of the above bottle rocket design!!

Some of the July 4th themed word art available in our custom word menu design service!
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NEW Products now shipping!

We’ve been busy adding more new products to our assortment lately! You may have seen us post some of these on Facebook but here’s a roundup of what’s been added most recently. Check out the shop to find all of these new goodies, and more to come!!

12″ x 3″ Bubbles stencil…great for arm bands & strips!
Great little butterfly assortment stencil!

Large 1.5″ foam dauber

With Loew-Cornell discontinuing SO many of their brushes, we’ve decided to take on some beautiful new Princeton brushes!

Lots of new PRINCETON brushes!!!

Princeton 1/4″ dagger brush!

We’ve recently added several colors of Pixie Paints to our growing assortment, including Fifi Royale, Cupcake Day, Labyrinth, and Valley Girl! Here’s our full assortment of options:

Pixie Paint Assortment

With more Pixie Paint comes more ways to apply it! We are now carrying an array of pixie paint applicators! These are made of durable, washable silicone. I really like the little clear/white tipped one as it fits great into the little jars of Pixie Paint. The larger ones are great for bigger jars, and applying pixie paint and other glitter gels to larger areas of the body or in the hair!

I love this little one for the small jars of Pixie Paint!

 Our FAB assortment is growing, too! We now have Cameron Garrett’s “Summer Sorbet” rainbow cake, and have added minty blue, and both regular and shimmer versions of Petrol Blue!

Henna kits are back! Check out this fun sized 25g henna kit which comes with henna powder, lavender, and a squeeze bottle! 
Fun size henna kit
25 gram bags of henna powder, sold individually too!

Check out the shop today! Don’t forget to subscribe to our FREE monthly e-newsletter too, to receive 10% off coupons!!

Happy painting!