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Introducing: NEW Step-it-Up Stencils!

Designing my own line of stencils has been a dream of mine for several years, which is why I am so super excited to announce the release of my brand new line of stencils, “Step-it-up Stencils!” And since I’ve bee on a jewelry kick lately with my new Jewelry for Face & Body Artists book and recently teaching jewelry at the Jamvention in Belgium, I’ve decided to launch my first line with the jewel theme!

These stencils are designed to help you step up your detail, step up your speed, and step up your game! The “step” word also comes into play within the stencils themselves, as they are designed to take you step by step through your design.

The stencils currently on the market for speeding up jewels just don’t lend themselves well to realism, as they leave lines between all of the facet shapes. In real life, everything is not outlined like a cartoon…the shapes of the facets are defined by the contrast of colors next to each other. For this reason I have broken down realistic gemstones into steps, enabling you to paint the various facets’ planes closer to each other and in varying shades.

Each stencil comes with a full color instruction sheet, however, the stencils themselves even have the steps numbered with useful instructions by each one. Guidelines help you line up each step of your design, and the etched words remind you which color change to make on each step.

These are great for speeding up those fancy décolletage designs, especially if they have multiple gems in them and you want to keep them consistent!

I have many more stencil design in the works, including more gem shapes, but the third and final one that is available right now is the princess eyes stencil!

I know so many artists who struggle with creating uniform, delicate eyes on their princesses and unicorn. Sure, practice may make perfect, but why struggle through these tiny details at gigs when you can create them in seconds? Part of being a professional is knowing when to rely on the tools available to you. This stencil comes with four sizes of princess eyes, ranging from about 1/4″ wide to 1/2″. In just two steps you can lay down the whites and the black, finishing it off with a brush to add the iris in a color of your choice.

I first premiered these stencils at the Jamvention in Belgium last month, including one free in every attendee’s goodie bag! Today I’m happy to announce that these new stencils are available now in the shop! Grab yours today, and be sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest designs as more are released!

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Winter issue of Wet Paint Magazine: Now Shipping!

The winter issue of Wet Paint Magazine is NOW LIVE! Congrats to our cover artist, Sabine Vogel for her amazing glitter body art!
With the season of sparkly decorations and glistening snowdrifts fast approaching, I found it appropriate to give this winter issue the theme of BLING! 

 Being new to bling clusters myself, I’ve interviewed Jewel Junkies Facebook group creator Lilly Walters Schermerhorn about how to make and use your own bling clusters. We also share an inspiring story of 15 year old gem cluster phenom Aubrey Goettlicher, and a collage of creative bling cluster ideas!

In this issue I’ve also started a new series called “Branching Out.” In this and future issues, this series will focus on the various ways that face & body artists have expanded their business to include something other than painting itself. In this issue I’ve interviewed artists from around the globe who create and sell their own bling! 

Briar Adams also shares with us a recap of the New Zealand Body Art Showcase, complete with a photo gallery of artists with their models! 

Meet our glitter tattoo cover artist Sabine Vogel in this issue’s “Pro Artist Q&A” session! 

Also in this issue, professional entertainer and safety expert Kelly Smith writes on the subject of keeping yourself safe at gigs.

For this issue’s “Kid Artist Spotlight” we’ve interviewed the youngest graduate of Olga’s International Face Painting School, Chavie Goldberger!

We also have three step by step designs…

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this amazing issue! This issue is sure to inspire! Order your copy here today!