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My Top 5 Favorite Brushes!

What’s your favorite brush? It’s a question that of course comes with as many answers as there are artists…it’s a super personal preference. However, I thought I’d share my own personal preference with you today! Here are 5 of my current favorite brushes…

Loew-Cornell Round brushes are what I use for most of my painting. Take good care of your tips and you can do main color areas AND linework with ONE brush. I love the 7000 series brushes…they have been replaced with the new 7000C series, which are the same bristles but now a wood handle instead of acrylic.  I loved the acrylic because it doesn’t expand and contract when wet, loosening the ferrule over time…but the bristles are really the most important thing. So I now use the 7000C series. A #0-#1 for outlining, and a #4-#5 is my main workhorse!! When I started out face painting I assumed sable bristles were the best, because they are real animal hair, and were the most expensive. However, with experience I learned that synthetic fibers work better for face painting…they hold up to the rigors of our work and they hold their shape the best!

TAG’s #12 3/4″ Flat Brush is my all time fave for one strokes!  The 3/4″ width is designed to fit perfectly in one stroke cakes, and their length holds just the right amount of paint, and gives me enough room to flex and really load up the brush well.

Loew-Cornell Rake Fan brush is great for applying festival glitter and pixie paint, and I love it for painting textures like fur! (as seen in my Realism book) Unfortunately Loew-Cornell has discontinued this brush too, since being bought out by Newell corp, so I am on the hunt for a good replacement. I like this one because the bristles are really stiff and spread out, and the stiffness enables me to use it for stippling effects too.

Cameleon Blending Brush I use ALL the time when I’m doing anything realistic…specifically the small one. When I first got it I thought, “woah this thing is way too small!” But it’s NOT! It’s perfect for those realistic drop shadows that I paint under jewelry designs, masks, etc. when I really need good control, but a fluffy, poofy brush. (You’ll see me using this in my Jewelry book) The larger one is great for blending too, and I use more in my larger body paintings.

Cameleon Petal Brush is awesome for those double dip flower petals!! I also use it to create any triangular or short teardrop shapes, water drops flying off of a shark, etc.

These are just a few of my faves…there are probably 5-10 others that I use often too, but these are probably my favorites to date. What are your favorite brushes? I may do another post with some of my others down the road! Thanks for stopping by, and happy painting! 🙂

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Paintings, Bling Bar and New Products Abound!

It’s been a busy April already and it’s only the 9th! I haven’t posted in a little while so this is kindof a hodge-podge of randomness, but here’s what I’ve been up to with Wet Paint Magazine, a painting contest, launching my new Bling Bar and some new products in the shop!
Wet Paint Magazine
The next issue of Wet Paint Magazine will be out early next month, so I’m working hard to wrap that up! Be sure to like and follow Wet Paint on Facebook to be alerted when the issue goes live…it’s going to be a GREAT issue!!
Contest Entries
I’ve also been having a blast participating in a daily painting contest for the St Louis Face & Body Art Convention…they give us 10 days worth of themes at a time and we have to post a pic in an album on their Facebook page. In the end they’ll do a drawing from those who posted every day, for free admission. Not certain if I’ll keep it up as I’m not certain that I can close up shop for a week to attend, but in the meantime I am enjoying the challenges! Here are a few entries…
theme: “New beginnings”

Theme: Stars

Theme: Batman

Theme: Transportation

Theme: St Louis

Bling Bar Launch

Last week was my first event using my full, new Bling Bar service! My painty friend Tina Carroll did glitter tattoos alongside me, while ran the bling bar, applying festival glitter, bling clusters and “narwhal horns” (it was an underwater theme) to the girls! It was a HUGE hit with a non-stop steady line…I blinged out about 85 girls in 3 hours!

I spend SO many hours making this “bling book” display! I wanted something that allowed the kids to flip through and choose their design without having to touch them all in the process, yet remove the one they want to hand to me on their turn. Every piece of bling is on it’s own display card, tucked into a clear pocket.  So, the kids simply slip their card out and hand it to me when it’s their turn, I remove the bling and keep the card. It also enables me to get a very accurate count of how many I’ve done, with the stack of cards at the end of the event! 

So many sparkly choices!!

New Product Additions

I’ve recently added a few new goodies to the shop as well! Here they are with some links…

For your bling cluster making endeavors, we now have a huge 20-pack of dimensional fabric paints!

20-pk Scribbles Fabric paints, $29.99

We’ve been carrying Foamies brand air dry clay for a while now, for making unicorn and monster horn bling. However, we’ve just added some Crayola Model Magic clay to our assortment as well! It’s more expensive per ounce than Foamies, but this gives you a chance to purchase a bunch of colors to play with before deciding to purchase larger amounts. This pack comes with six 1/2 ounce packs in secondary colors. It includes 1 each of purple, orange, brown and green, and two packs of white.

6-pack Model Magic $7.99
If you’re a balloon artist, you’ll be happy to hear we now carry Hi-Float! Hi-float can make your helium balloons last up to 25 times longer! We have Hi-Float in a 16 ounce bottle, and it comes with a pump and instructions.
Hi-Float, pint with pump $19.00

Also in the balloon section, we’ve added to our assortment of nozzle-up Betallatex brand balloons, both metallic gold and silver!

Check out the shop today, and be sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on our new product additions, and other important announcements! Happy painting!