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NEW “Coloring Book” Style Window Paintings

We are having so much fun with this fun, interactive style of window painting! It’s a great way for your kids to be a part of the art, and the perfect way to entertain and celebrate occasions during the pandemic with no contact necessary!

We paint a design using only white linework on the outside of your window, with our outdoor paint that can last for weeks.

No-contact fun…we’ll paint on the outside of the window!

Inside the house, you and your kids can color in the design using chalk markers or window markers, just like a giant coloring book! (Scroll down for our recommended markers for coloring it in!)

Chalk markers are easy to wipe off with a damp paper towel or cloth, so your kids can color again and again! And when you’re all done with it, just let us know and we’ll come out to remove the outside paint for you.

Outside view, before adding color

Inside view, after coloring
Outside view, after coloring

Chalk Marker Recommendations

Here are a few great chalk markers that we’ve tried and recommend, and a photo of what they look like on the window!

Here’s how they look on the window. All were super easy to wipe off with a damp cloth! If your kids get a little crazy with markers, we’d recommend taping off any porous, wood window trim.

The “Chalktastic” and “MRNKI” brand chalk markers give the best, brightest, opaque coverage. But, they do have an extra step when you get them…you have to shake them up and push the tip down for a few seconds to get a flow of liquid chalk. These show up great through the window too! The Expo neon window markers were fun too for neon colors…not as bright as chalk markers but they are super easy to just open the cap and use, like kids are used to. The Crayola “Crystal Effects” are really fun! They are really hard to see while you are coloring, but as the ink dries, you get a crystallized effect on the window. We used these markers for the sun and some of the water in this design.

Visit our window painting page for more information, or to book YOUR custom “coloring book” window!