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Tuesday Tips @10: How to Magnetize your Kit!

Happy Tuesday! Yes, I may be down in St.Louis teaching at MAX today, but I have not forgotten about my Tuesday Tips fans! I have a great tip for those of you who are like me, obsessed with making and re-making your kits! I like to line all of my kits with steel, so everything can move around easily and stay in place with super strong neodymium magnets. I will share with you the tools I use to magnetize my kits, and where I find the cheapest sheets of super thin steel!

Here are some Amazon links to the things I use:

E6000 glue (big tube):

E6000 glue (with precision tips):

Neodymium magnets I put on my paint cakes:

Smaller Neodymium magnets I also use:

Tin snips:

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