“Hello there!

My name is Gretchen Fleener and I have been a professional face painter since I was 16 years old! I know first hand how much fun your kids have being painted, and how often they ask me if THEY can try painting too. I am thrilled to say that I finally have created an avenue for kids to learn how to face paint themselves!

Now there is no reason that the threat of a pandemic should keep your kids from enjoying the fun of face painting! I am proud to announce the launch of my new, virtual learning experience, specially designed for kids ages 6 through 13: The Future Face Painters Club! If your child’s birthday is coming up, we can even put together a virtual paint party for them and their friends, which includes membership to our club for the birthday child!

I believe that every child is an artist until told otherwise, and I want to foster your child’s love of art and face painting, all while teaching them a real life skill that can take them as far as the limits of their own creativity and passion! Read on to learn more about joining the Future Face Painters Club, or click one of the buttons above to go directly to whatever describes your needs. Don’t forget to check out our coloring contest for a chance to win a Club Kit and 1 year membership, among other cool prizes!

-Gretchen Fleener
Chief Entertainment Officer of Paintertainment, LLC
Founder of the Future Face Painters Club

Future Face Painters Club Kit + 1-Year Membership

The initial cost to join the club includes an exclusive face painting package, specially designed for kids. Your Future Face Painters Club Starter Package includes:

  • One year of exclusive access to our Future Face Painters Club website, including instructional videos, tutorials and other educational content designed just for kids to get them started
  • A set of Wolf brand professional makeup which includes one round brush
  • An additional set of FIVE more brushes (2 round and 2 flat)
  • One 5 gram jar of safe, professional cosmetic grade glitter (never use metallic craft glitter on skin!)
  • A ring binder to neatly store and organize all of their materials easily on a bookshelf
  • 3-Ring zipper pouch to neatly hold your child’s paint kit, brushes and glitter
  • Clear plastic re-useable practice board for painting practice faces
  • Four full color face printouts to be used in conjunction with the practice board
  • Two sheets with pre-printed faces to sketch out design ideas (may be downloaded & printed as you need more!)
  • Membership card with your child’s name
  • 10% discount on all regular priced products in our shop, automatically applied when you’re logged in
  • A special discounted price for our NEW live Zoom face painting birthday parties!

Does your child already have a paint kit? Perhaps they already have their own, or they’ve participated in one of our fun virtual Zoom birthday parties which includes a set of paints! No fear, you don’t need to purchase things you already have. We have a Birthday Party Booster Pack, that will supplement your child’s birthday party paint kit with the other materials and benefits of membership, bringing them right up to club membership level for less! You can even decide just to purchase the 1 year access to our resources alone if you wish.

Save Money While You Confirm your Child’s Interest Level

We understand that our kids today have SO many options available to them for activities, hobbies and sports. We also know that not every activity “sticks” with every kid, and you don’t want to spend a fortune on supplies for something, only to find that they will eventually lose interest. For this reason, we’ve included the most safe & professional, yet still incredibly economical, basic set of face paints in our starter kit. Keep it simple, or add more as your child grows!

The color range is limited in the starter kit, but there is plenty for kids to get started, and even learn to mix some colors on their own! Should you find that your child is really getting into face painting and wants more, you can easily build on your child’s kit as they grow. We have put together list of kit add-ons in a logical order for them to move up to as they progress. For example, you may want to expand their color range by adding a small set of pearl colors. Perhaps your child is really wanting more colors and more quantity. In this case we can recommend a slightly larger set with refillable, individual color cakes. If they really want to step it up a notch, we can introduce them to the colorful world of rainbow cakes, uv-reactive paints that glow under black light, and even some fun glitter & bling options! You will have birthday and stocking stuffer gift ideas for years to come, all while fostering your child’s creativity! Not sure what your child should learn next? Feel free to contact us any time and we’ll help!

I’ve been to a Party & Want to Upgrade!

Has your child already attended one of our live Zoom parties, and now they want to upgrade their kit to a full membership? We’ve got you covered! For $35.00 you can purchase everything that your child doesn’t already have, including the binder, membership ID, practice board & faces, notes sheets and more. You’ll also get 1 year of access to our members only learning resources, AND an exclusive members-only 10% discount for all regular priced products in our shop!

I already have paints! Can I just buy the membership?

Yes, you can! For $25.00 you can purchase one year of access to our exclusive members-only website, which includes our growing database of videos for beginners! Here are some of the currently available video topics:

  • What comes in your kit and what it is for
  • How to “activate” and use your water based paints
  • How to properly clean & care for your brushes
  • Step by step design videos
  • Coming SOON: More step-by-steps, tutorials on painting clean linework, mixing colors, double-dip techniques, one stroke techniques, using stencils, applying glitter & bling, and more!

Interact with Fellow Club Members!

Would your child like to interact with other Future Face Painters? We would love them to join our Future Face Painters Club page on Facebook!

If your child doesn’t have a Facebook account, simply join as their parent and answer the membership questions so we know who’s name the membership is under. Kids can share photos of their work, get and give feedback, and have fun with other artistic kids!

Still on the fence? Have questions that haven’t been answered? Feel free to contact us any time…we’re here to help!