Future Face Painters Club – Birthday Party Booster Kit


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Has your child already attended one of our live Zoom birthday parties, and received a birthday party paint kit? If you want to upgrade your kit to include everything else our full membership includes, this is exactly what you need! This package gets you up to the level of a full Future Face Painters Club membership by filling in the gaps. This booster kit includes:

  • 3-Ring binder to hold all of your child’s gear
  • Zipper pouch to store paints, brushes & glitter inside the ring binder
  • Membership card with exclusive members only discount code
  • 1 Year access to all of our members-only learning resources online
  • Clear, textured practice board to practice painting on
  • 4 full color practice faces to use in conjunction with the practice board
  • 2 sheets (may be copied/reprinted) for sketching design ideas before you paint
  • Notes page (may be copied/reprinted) for taking notes during videos


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