Black Mesh Sponge Bag by JestPaint



This mesh bag is 11.5″ tall, 9″ wide and 6″ deep and is perfect for your sponges. The firm frame allows it to stand on it’s own but still be folded down when empty, and it holds around 75 half-circle sponges without smooshing them. A separate zipper pouch on the side can fit about 25 more half-circle sponges or other tools.

Although these bags are very durable if used as indicated, we DO NOT recommend putting this bag on a washing machine as it can loosen  up the seams. We will not issue refunds or replace bags that were washed with a washing machine.
Also, do not put more sponges that indicated inside your bag or you run the risk of stretching the seams too much and having them come loose. The manufacturer will not replace or issue refunds for bags that were over stuffed beyond what is suggest above.

Please do not use to store heavy items (like face paints) or apply excessive force nor hang it from anywhere other than the main strap, otherwise it can break.


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