Finger Pal



This metal ring is designed to slip onto your thumb, with a pot each of FAB white and black magnetically attached to the top, allowing you to reload your outlining brush without even reaching for your kit! I LOVE using this product at really high volume events! NOTE: the paint inside these pots tends to shrink, so you might receive one where the paint cake is loose in the pot. We are leaving them this way because many people like to re-fill them with the paint brand of their choice anyway…so that makes this easy! I use Wolfe in mine. However, if you do prefer to use the paint that it comes with, simply re-hydrate with some sprays of water, and press tightly into the pan. Each pan measures about 3/4″x1 1/8″ and are 3/8″ tall. The metal plate they stick to is 1 11/16″ x 1 5/16″.


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