Pocket Balloon Menu – Basic 1, 2, and 3-balloon designs


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3 Cards, including 1-balloon, 2-balloon, and 3-balloon creations! Perfect size to slip into your apron pocket! Each card is laminated for durability and hangs on a metal ring through a hole reinforced with a metal eyelet. The ring can easily be opened to add or remove cards, and comes in very handy to hang on an apron loop! The cards themselves measure 4.25″ x 5.5″, with the lamination adding about 3/16″ around the edges. Great for use as a menu for the kids to choose from (and perfect size for little hands!), or simply as a visual “cheat sheet” for you!

Red Card: sword, pig, rabbit, dog, alligator, elephant, turtle bracelet, monkey, swan and giraffe.

Blue card: flower, rose, monkey with banana, helicopter, fishing pole, ladybug bracelet, dragon, snake, princess wand

Yellow card: princess, monkey on a tree, penguin, dog, butterfly, horse, princess wand, crown, airplane


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