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Face Painting Kit

Have you been asked to be a volunteer face painter at an upcoming church or school function? This is a great little kit that I put together just for people in the same situation.

The Smile Painter Set comes with all the basic necessities, and all the supplies are of top, professional quality. The set includes my 40 page book of face painting instruction (assumes no previous knowledge of face painting!), a heavily laminated sheet of simple designs, two high quailty, genuine sable Kryolan brushes in two sizes, and a set of 12 professional Kryolan face paints.

This set of 12 colors is perfect for use year after year, because each cake of paint snaps in and out of the metal box, and you can purchase refills of individual colors as they run out. Don’t waste your money on those cheap sets in the molded plastic trays that are not refillable!

The Smile Painter set gives you a discount of $11 over purchasing each item separately! It is a great investment for any church or school because they can keep a kit on hand, and whenever children’s entertainment is needed at their upcoming events, they can provide their volunteers with all the supplies and instruction they need to do a great job.

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