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Now Available: 6-Color Interferenz Bright Palettes!

For quite a while now I have been carrying the Kryolan Aquacolor Interferenz palettes in the 6 and 12 color sets. However, the only 6 color palette I carried was the earth tones. But, as of today, I now offer the complete family of Interferenz palettes with the addition of the 6-color Interferenz “Brights” color palette! Check it out here!

This palette has the other 6 colors, which includes: Interf. Silver, Mozart Pink/RY, Strauss Wine/PV, GB, Verdi Gold/GY, and Interf. Gold. Depending on what color range you like to paint in, you can now purchase the earth tones, the bright colors, or all 12!

Never used Interferenz paint before? It’s much like the metallic paint in it’s sheen, but is more of a pearlescent paint, Click here to see what this paint looks like on skin. And don’t forget, I also carry the refills!

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