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Maplewood 4th of July Event

I had a blast face painting for the city of Maplewood’s July 4th celebration on Saturday! This year I added several new July 4th designs, including a patriotic butterfly, a red white and blue bomb pop, bald eagle, and US flag! Here are a few I painted on my arm:

I kept VERY busy throughout the time I was there, so didn’t have much time to paint anything else on myself. But, I enjoyed making all the kids look extra festive!

My husband and 18 month old boy came along again this year as well. Little Sammy had a blast as this year they had a blow-up bouncy thing for little little kids!! For just $2 he got an unlimited wrist band, and from what I heard, he was in there about 5 times during the 3 hours or so we were there!

There was also a very entertaining lumberjack show, and they did the ice cream and jell-o eating contests again this year as well. It is always a blast and we were thankful for the great weather!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend as well! 🙂

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