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“Hypoallergenic” and “Non Comedogenic”…what does it all mean?

Hey fellow Kryolan paint fans…I thought I’d share this bit of news just received from my US distributor.  Kryolan is now the first and only cosmetics company to receive a seal of quality approval from the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation.  You can click here to download a pdf article from Kryolan, or find a link on my FAQ page.

The reason I was given this article was because I checked in with Kryolan regarding a question from one of my customers, who was wondering whether the paints were considered “non comedogenic.”  This term basically means that the item will not clog pores.  Upon further investigation, I basically confirmed my original suspicion that this term has as little science behind it as the term “hypoallergenic.”  These are terms that are widely used to help sell products, but hold little or no concrete value.  So, this is the reason why you won’t see these terms printed on Kryolan’s packaging.  However, you can be assured that all Kryolan paints have been dermatologically tested for safety. 

If you suspect that you or your child might have an allergic reaction to face paints, the best way to prevent it is to know what ingredients cause the reaction, and check the ingredient list of the product.  My FAQ page not only talks about these terms, but also lists the ingredients in the paints, so that you can be informed about every ingredient you are putting on your skin!  I am happy to say that in my 13+ years of face painting, even having painted at birthday parties for children with severe food allergies, I have yet to encounter anyone who has had any type of reaction to the Kryolan paints!

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