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New Containers Now Available at

I have yet another new group of products just added to the site, in our storage container category.

The first one I am very excited about.  This is a storage box that comes with 28 screw-together jars for just $12.00.  These are the kind of jars that I like to keep my paint in, because they stack together, and you don’t have a lid for every color to screw on and off or lose.  The jars are 1.5″ in diameter, and come in 6 stacks, each of which fit neatly inside 6 compartments in the snap-closed container.  Two of the jars are a little taller, making them perfect for storing a few acrylic gems or even glitter!  I have already purchased one myself, and plan on moving my paints into this container.  I can get all of my bright colors, and now I have space to add some UV-Dayglow paints and metallics all to one conveniently sized kit.  I’ll post photos once the “move” is over!  If there’s space left, you can even store glitter in here. I have 12 colors that I use at any one time so this is a great idea for that as well, especially with the jars being clear.

I also now have available this great box containing 12 screw-top jars for just $7.00!  Each jar comes with it’s own lid and measures about 1.5″ in diameter and 1.75″ in height.  Right now I use little glass jelly sample jars for my glitter, but as they begin to break over time, I plan to move my glitters into this container.  Like I said, I usually have about 12 glitters available at my events, so this would be perfect to hold all of my colors and keep them neatly stored together in my supply bag!

Last but certainly not least is our new 16″ art supply box.  You can get this box as part of the new “Business Starter Kit,” or you can purchase it separately for just $15.00.  This box is large enough to hold your paints, brushes, glitter, gems, you name it!  With it’s clear snap-open storage lid and lift-out tray, organizing your supplies is a breeze!

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