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Como Park with Rusty the Clown 2011

This afternoon I had the privilidge of working again at an annual picnic at Como Park through Rusty the Clown! I’ve been painting for this event for the past several years and it’s always so much fun to be around Rusty and his entourage of friendly clowns! On the left of Rusty is his daughter “Pumpkin” the clown.  I’m on the lower right and that’s my mom, Rollie Brandt, in the Spongebob shirt!

 This is Rusty with Sassie and Pumpkin!

This was the first event where I tested out some of my new hand animal designs, and they were a hit!  I did many snakes and sharks.  This was my first attempt at a hand bunny!  I’m looking forward to offering many more in events to come!

Here’s my mom painting
Pumpkin making balloon hats!

Isn’t this little girl the cutest?! I love painting the cherries, and with her dress, it was the perfect choice!