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3 New Flaming Finger Hand Designs

Here are a few more of my hand paintings I just thought I’d share! You can find them on my Facebook page too.

This one is actually going to be on the cover of my new book which will be coming out very soon… “Funny Fingers Hand Art!” I’ll be sure to blog about it once I have copies in my hands to ship.

These two below I just did tonight.  I spent maybe 15 minutes on the marshmallow roasting one and probably 20 or so on the birthday cake.  I never get to spend this much time on my very adorable yet often times wiggly little clients, so it’s fun to put more time into painting my own hand!

My 3.5 year old Sammy thought this one was pretty cool.  I used some metallic silver paint for the roasting stick and a touch of UV-Day Glow paint in the flames.

 This is another one I thought of while at the fair but didn’t get around to painting…which was fine, because doing it at home after the kids went to bed gave me more time to pay attention to detail.  I used metallic again on the platter.  Guess I had flames on the brain tonight!

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